The smoking hot girls of week #40

Welcome to week 40 of the most unbelievable photo contest on the web. Smoking hot girls next door show up in our queue every day all vying for the first place crown in our weekly prize giveaway (which you are reading now.)  We grab up the four best shots of the week, along with one honorable mention, and then wax poetic about them for awhile before we award cash prizes. Really, this is the funnest newsletter on the planet probably so you might want to think about subscribing to get the weekly update.  While you are at it, click on the girl who looks best to you below, and sign up at the adult social network that makes this sort of contest humanly possible.

There is a reason no one else anywhere does anything like this… Only MGF could pull it off. Long story short? You should be there.

So without further adieu we move on to our weekly winners roundup. For week 40 we decided to embrace the quirky and candid. We had a lot of these sorts of shots this week, and we chose the four best to present along with our honorable mention, pictured below.

Say hello to Cocoacuddles- she sent us this shot of her eye popping cleavage, and imaginative ink. We had to include it this week for you to ogle, even though she didn’t win a cash prize. She is the girl next door you wish you could get with, sparkling with personality, and dripping with that sexy vibe you can’t get exported out of photoshop no matter how hard you try.

Dee_Darling picks the perfect shot to submit this week. It’s soft and sexy, and just the right amount of naughty to leave you wanting more. She wins a runner up crown for this one, congratulate her by clicking her shot and sending her an absolutely free message.

HazelEyes12… where do we start with Hazeleyes12? This shot below… easily one of funnest shots that has ever popped up in our queue. Out of everyone we write about every week, this girl is the one we would want to go score coffee with first.  She lassos up some green money for this one. Congrats Hazel! 

Veganlecter is dark and dangerous in this shot below. She is the one you really want to be Halloweening with this year. We hear that she might be participating in the annual Halloween event on Mygirlfund. Click on over and ask her if its true, and congratulate her while you are at it for winning a first place crown this week.

Nina W. has the most perfect shot of the week, and is our only non-candid shot to win this time. She scores first place because…well just look at it. It’s pretty much perfect. Her social networking profile says “Welcome to a room full of mystery, surprise and sexual desires.” She wants to talk about Movies, Music, Clothes, and Food. Don’t leave a girl disappointed!

The winning announcements are a little backed up, so expect to see another soon while we catch up to current. Until next time boys and girls. ❤

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