Skip the rest, MyGirlFund’s tumblr contest is the best: Week #39.

Week 39 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest on Tumblr brought a flurry of comments and reblogs from the amazing audience that we are happy to have. The follower count keeps rising, and the shots keep pouring in. Who can argue with that? We have the hottest photo contest on the entire web, and if you don’t believe us then you can just click on over and see it for yourself. No charge, no hidden bullshit- Just the hottest, realest girls you will come across anywhere submitting photos to win weekly cash prizes. Skip the big studios and amateur sites all showing the same crap. This tumblog has everything you need to keep up with the freshest girls anywhere. The best part is, you can actually talk to these hotties! If you like what you see, then you can simply click the photo and be taken to that girls profile to send her a free message expressing your admiration, or make your custom request known. If your game is strong, she may even answer you. (*it’s been known to happen.)

Every week we start the winners announcement off with an honorable mention. This week it’s Veganlecter, a girl with a clever name and  some of the blackest ink we have seen anywhere. Here she is below showing off her dark side in her bed. If she can’t make you cross over to the dark side, then you might as well go join the priesthood now.


Isisdoll wins some green money for this green shot of her being absolutely gorgeous and free in some very inviting hot springs. What is interesting here especially is that we note two light sources for this shot. Did this Goddess actually tote in strobes or external light for this shoot? That’s dedication. Congrats on the win Isisdoll- we loved the shot.


Laurenphillips head wears the second runner up crown for week 39. She is looking as fine as ever, and it’s great to see her submitting to our contest again. Click her shot, and send her a free message congratulating her on the win!


Rosexxx scores a home run this week with a first place crown, and some first place prize money pushed straight into her girlfund. These two shots below stole the show last week, and we are super stoked to have her at the top of our queue every week.


rosexxxSexxubus finishes our week strong in first place for this cute shot of her almost cropped out of the frame chilling in the bathtub. Kind of gives the viewer a sense of being there doesn’t it? We love how sexy and quirky her shots are. She has a very strong fanbase, and a great sense of personality. Find out for yourself by clicking her shot, and sending her a free message introducing yourself, and congratulating her on the win!



Want to tell us how you thought we did this week? Leave a comment below, and let us know what you think. Hit the subscribe button to get this sexy announcement in your inbox every week. 🙂

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