Welcome to Week #38

Welcome to the winners announcements for week 38 of the Mygirlfund Photo Contest on Tumblr. We are well past the half-way point for the year and things just keep getting better for our fans and friends. So many new girls are showing up and throwing their shots into our queue for a chance to win cash prizes every week. Sometimes it’s obvious all the way through the week who will take the crown home, and sometimes it’s a tossup. Guys all over the world wait with baited breath to find out if their favorite girls took home the first place prize.

Some of you fans are very loyal in your reblogging efforts, and for that we thank you! Our contest is such a big success in large part because of you. Keep showing your love, and read on to find out who scored for week 38.

Sobootyful scores honorable mention, and is the first of two honorable mentions this week. This shot below of her stretched out in bed is perfect -and would have won first place- except for the size thing. Low-res shots rarely win, but sometimes they are still good enough to score honorable mention. This shot is one of those. So bootyful!


LillyMariexxx takes our second honorable mention for week 38 because of this great shot she sent in below. Two points of constructive criticism for this photo.  1st, with lighting this perfect, she should have really paid more attention to the background. The cord on the mirror just kind of takes the eye out of the point of focus. 2nd point, is composition. This shot could have definitely used some cropping on the right side to put the eye where it is supposed to be.  Still, the shot is good enough to rise near the top of our consideration list. When Lilly submits, she never disappoints.


Minam is a brand new contestant, and she wins some money for this completely gorgeous shot of her juxtaposed onto a blown out white background. With her jet black hair, and high contrast print of her bed sheet, this set up really works well. We hope to see some more of her really soon in our queue.  Congrats Minam.


Texas_Angel scores our other runner up crown this week for this shot below of her posing in front of the green sea. Angel is an all american girl, naturally photogenic, and decidedly sexy. We love her submissions. Congrats on the win Angel. 🙂

Acharne brings home the bacon with a first place win for week 38. This shot below sparked our interest right away, and all week long it stayed right at the top of the consideration list. Great perspective, good even lighting, sex appeal is off the charts, oh- and she is another new contestant. 🙂 Congratulations Acharne!



Divinyls takes the final first place crown for this shot below. Wow! Definitely the best shot of the week. She has the aperture set perfectly to take advantage of her long body, and present the perfect depth of field on this perspective. The eye just stays exactly where it is supposed to be in this shot- basic lighting with perfected aperture really makes all the difference here. Congrats on yet another win Divinyls!


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