Week #37 of MyGirlFund’s tumblr contest went by in a flash

Week 37 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest on Tumblr went by in a flash! Seems like as soon as it started, it was over. Good thing we have the photos to prove it happened. This week was a tossup between our contestants as they pushed photo after photo through to our queue, vying for the first place crown, and 4 cash prizes.

The fans and friends have been great too, boosting our reblog and comments to the next level showing their support for their favorite girl-next-doors. Who is your favorite contestant? Shoot on over to our tumblr and subscribe here to tell us in the comments who you want to win for week 38.

PixieDoll starts this week, with the honorable mention spot for this super cute shot of her in the great outdoors flashing her bits for the camera. We think the angle could have been a little lower, but overall we like the sly smile and the contrast between her bright red hair, and the green foliage behind her. Great job pixie.



Secretdoll takes the first of four cash prize wins for week 37 for her shot of herself next to her bed showcasing some pinup poses, and some great ink. She is our latest curvy contestant, and she has been absolutely rocking it.  It’s simple, direct, and sexy as hell. Good job doll, can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for us.

Secretdoll shows off her ink


Sciencesavvy wins the second runner up spot this week for this shot of her below…. that smile though! If she can’t bring an instant smile to your face then you are definitely doing it wrong. She is sexy, fun, and confident as hell. We can’t get enough of ScienceSavvy. She had some good shots this week, check out her stream over on tumblr, she is definitely bringing the heat!

Surprise! It’s sciencesavvy

shesinstereo wins an easy first place for week 37. This shot below just speaks for itself right? She showed up and her submission just stayed at the top of the queue all week. Note the depth of field? Great job SIS.

Cupcake1992- at this point it is no surprise that this girl is on top again. She is on fire! Can anyone take her first place crown next week? Cupcake is making consistent money on this contest by delivering the clearest, biggest, and most impressive shots week after week.  She has definitely got the moves. Congratulations cupcake on yet another first place win.



The stream just keeps getting better over at our tumblog. Make sure you don’t let a day go by without checking out the latest from your favorite girls.

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