Size really matters. Week #36 of MyGirlFund’s photo contest

Welcome to the winners announcement for week #36 of the hottest photo contest on the web. If you haven’t subscribed to our tumblr by now to catch up on the latest shots from our hundreds of contestants, then you are definitely missing out. These girls next door are from all over the world, and their shots are candid, sexy, creative, and all around entertaining. It’s the bees knees, and you should definitely take a second out of your day everyday to chill with the latest girls from mygirlfund.

Our queue from #36 was stacked to the max with hot shots. Stacked like yummy buttered pancakes. Of course, it’s difficult to judge from all of the stunning options but we manage to do it by referring to a few simple rules, and exercising what we think you will agree to be stellar taste, and sage photographic judgement.

Week 36 in particular contained a few upsets. Two shots that should have been in first place, but only scored an honorable mention because of one ‘small’ issue. Size. Forgive the pun, but this small issue is a big deal when you put low resolution pictures next to high resolution, no matter how great the shot. In this contest, size really matters. Try to remember to keep your shots 800 px across when you send them in, or the chances of them winning (no matter how perfect) go way down.

Take this amazing shot below from xxxJess for example: She nailed it! Looks like she took our sunny16 advice to heart and really dialed down the highlights in this shot. Hard to pull off on such a sunny day, but she managed to do it. Combine that with an interesting crop, amazing composition, and sex appeal that shoots off the charts, and this shot should have been a sure winner. Too bad its in cellphone email size resolution!




TheCatCadaver surprised us by sending in the low-res version of this triptych. We know from how well these shots turned out that she probably has the high res versions still floating around. Looks like her editing program spit out a low res JPG on this triptych on export. Online photo editors often do this by default. It’s a shame, we would have loved to have paid some money for this one in particular. The Betty Page style of inked pinup is gorgeous, and difficult to pull off right. Looks like Cat has no problem doing it flawlessly.


AmbrosiaMaud heads up our candid win this week, and takes runner up for this shot of her below tossing her book aside for some fun time. The book must have not been that impressive. Ambrosia Maud on the other hand, is certainly impressive. This shot looks spontaneous, and super fun. We are happy to pay some money for it. Congrats on the win!


Selene22 heads up our second runner up spot for this side-by-side diptych of her rocking classic poses on the pool table. Looks like she brought her A game for this one, and it certainly paid off nicely for her this week. Oh, did we mention that Selene is brand new to our contest? We LOVE when that happens. She just shows up, submits one single picture, and bam. Her girlfund just got a bit richer. Congrats Selene, we can’t wait to see what else you have for us.


JadedCupcake crushes it for week 36 sending us two shots of her against lipstick-red paneling. Somehow, it just works! She scores first place for the great use of a black frame here. Note how it matches the mirrors frame in the shot? This is when a frame can actually add to a picture. She chose well. Congrats Cupcake, enjoy the first place prize money.



Lilholly scores our other first place crown for this carefully candid shot of her in a yellow sundress. That dress is so. short. My goodness, we wonder how she gets anything done with all the attention she must get when she goes out. She is a fan favorite in our contest, often scoring many reblogs and comments. This shot was no exception . We love this shot- easy, simple, sharp, and sexy. What’s there not to love? Congrats on the first place crown Holly.


We have week 37’s results brewing already, so stay tuned to find out who won! Let us know in the comments who your favorite was for 36.



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