Week #35 was as sweet as it’s ever been

Welcome to the results for week 35 of the hottest photo contest on the web. The MyGirlFund Tumblog is seriously one of the hottest streams of photo submissions anywhere on the net. It gets better and better every week, with girls from all over the world throwing their best shots into the ring for a chance to win some easy cash. These girls are the funnest, and the sexiest on the net. How do they pull it off? They just keep it real. In the age of photoshop and instagram filters, they stand out for being classy, clear, and candid. We take great pains to choose the most worthy winners every week, and your comments, and reblogs really help guide us in the right direction! So if you have a favorite girl, then make sure you subscribe so you can show your love every time she posts.

For week 35 it’s as sweet as it’s ever been. These young ladies pull out all the stops, and hold nothing back in their effort to grab that first place crown. Like we always do, this week we start out with our honorable mention, SexySarah90. Sarah is a regular in this contest, and this week she almost took home the cash prize. The shot was too good not to include in the lineup though, so take a look, and click through to her profile if you like what you see. Nice shot Sarah. :):


SexySarah90 is a regular contestant who consistently pulls off great triptychs. This is definitely her thing. We felt like this weeks voyeuristic triptych is definitely one of her best. Note the camera movement from left to right, giving the viewer a sense of furtive motion. Very sexy, a little deviant, and just that right balance of candid composure and excellent shooting. We loved it, and so did her fans. Easy money this week Sarah, great shot.


Who can rock lilac colored hair, and cheetah print lingerie like no ones business? This girl below: Princess Koki. We really dig the candy heart ink, and the whimsical flowered leash on her wrought iron bed as well. If she would have cropped this a little differently this shot would have probably placed first. Either way she wins some money for the sharpness, sex appeal, and perfect color palette. Beautiful shot Princess. 🙂


Classy Cassidy takes a first place crown this week for this triple treat mini-collection of photos below. The three shots below all showcase her style beautifully. We must say that her name really fits her. Note the cropped picture of Audrey Hepburn on the wall in the third picture down? Gorgeous. The angel wings above the bed? Perfect. Cassidy? Flawless, direct, and sexy as hell. This week she really stood out from the crowd, and we thought we better pay her some 1st place prize money. Congrats Cassidy!




Cupcake1992 does it again! This girls proves that it’s possible to make consistent cash in this contest by paying attention to the fundamentals. She went all candid this week, and the decision really payed off for her. Despite these winning shots being selfies, the color contrast is great, and really makes her stand out against her background. It’s like she pops right off the page. Well done cupcake, enjoy the win. 🙂




You can catch week 36’s winners really soon. Stay tuned!

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