Wonderful artistry in week #33

This will be a quick winner’s announcement post — holiday weekend and all. Thanks to all the girls who posted to the tumblr. As usual, selecting the finalists was nearly impossible.

First, for honorable mention, there’s lillymariexxx’s portrait of a sexy stoner:


Fitgirlsly also deserves a honorable shout out:



Now for runners ups.  First, the gorgeous MissAphrodite:


And second, the candid and charismatic new girl Sciencesavvy:



Our first winner this week is JazmineWhite. While the pic is small, we had to award her for the wonderful artistry. Note how she curls her body to resemble the sea horse tattoo on her hip. And the watermark of her name looks like it was traced onto sand. She pulled off some pretty cool visual illusions with this photo:



Our other winner, rebelfairy, entertained us with a candid two-fer. Did we mention we love candor?




Congrats to the winners!  See you all soon.


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