MyGirlFund’s Week #32 on tumblr might have been the best yet

Week 32 of the MGF photo contest went all the way off the chain with the best run of submissions we have seen all year. There are only four money spots every week, and this week it was difficult to assign them. We hemmed and we hawed, procrastinated and debated, but finally we chose four winners, two runner ups, and a pair of honorable mentions who didn’t quite win the money, but who had shots we had to include nonetheless.

What do all these shots have in common? Quality. Composition, lighting, etc. etc. These shots are from girls who take pride in their craft, and who go the extra mile to give their fans and friends nothing but the best. It’s the least we can do to throw some money around for the excellence we receive every day in our queue.

Per usual we start with our honorable mentions, this week there are two. Harleyquinn420 pictured below is the first. She took a basic POV shot, flipped it and cropped it for a fresh new angle on a classic shot. We loved it! So did her fans. Have you seen her stream of shots on our Tumblr yet? Definitely worth checking out.


LittleLacey commands the second honorable mention spot for week 32. This shot was perfectly executed except that it needed a little more room at the bottom, and it needed to be rotated a little to the left. So close! This is her first submission for our contest, and she is already in the final running. Great start. We can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.


SecretBKGirl wins some money for this absolutely gorgeous shot below. Why, oh why did she not send the Hi res version? We don’t know, but it made the difference between first place and runner up. Still… money is money and we believe she more than earned it for her submission below. Congrats BKGirl.

ClassyCassidy sent us this great shot below, and scored a runner up spot for her creative use of natural light and mirror. She made all the right moves setting up for this, and got the silhouette perfectly, and still exposed the mirror correctly. Technical difficulty: Pro.  We have the same question for Cassidy as BKgirl though. Why not send the hi res version of this shot? Runner up~ Excellent shot, congrats Cassidy!


TableauVivant shows up after a hiatus from the contest, and brought her big guns. This diptych below would be classic anywhere, in any venue. What magician took this great film shot? We would love to see more from this set, and so would the rest of her fans. We are happily shelling out some green money for this gorgeous pairing, and hope to see more from her in the coming weeks. Congrats!

Divinyls does it again! This girl is on fire. The two shots below are her latest entries in our contest, and her first place spot went completely uncontested this week. Goodness, the skill and sex appeal are off the charts. Extra cool points for the otter pop. We could all take a lesson about beating the heat from Divinyls. Congratulations!

Hard to believe, but week 33 is shaping up to be just as hot as week 32 was. It’s always such a close race, make sure and make your voice heard by reblogging and liking your fav shots all week.

See you next week!



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