Thanks to the lovely girls of Week #31

Welcome to the winners announcement for week 31 of the hottest photo contest on the web.  Maybe it’s all the new girls showing up in our queue everyday, maybe our familiar contestants are stepping it up, or maybe it’s a combination of both. Either way, our follower count is getting to be tremendous, and it’s all thanks to the lovely girls, and their adoring fans.

So grab a cold drink, and feast your eyes on this weeks selections, brought to you by the girls of Mygirlfund.

Our honorable mention this week is Aurielee pictured below. Our only gripe? The pic is so darn small. We would have gladly handed out some money for this shot if it would have come in high resolution. The enthusiasm, cuteness, and overall fun factor is off the charts here. We can’t wait to see what else Aurilee has up her sleeve for us. She has only submitted twice to this contest, but both times she has ended up in the weekly lineup. We hope she remembers her submissions for next week. 🙂


lilHolly scores some first place prize money for this shot below. We love that she knows how to tie a Windsor knot. That’s class, ladies and gentlemen.  Her shots are always amazing, and they have that signature Holly style to them that is very hard to ignore. Easy money this week, congratulations Holly. 🙂


theCatcadaver scores some prize money for this outrageously pretty selfie of her just being her sexy self. She heads up our candid category this week. If you check out her stream of submissions on Tumblr, you’ll see that this girl has style and is in a class all her own. We can’t get enough of her look! Beautiful shot, congrats on the win Cat.



EloiseXXX is the gorgeous girl next door you are too afraid to approach. This shot below takes first place, and we bet you’ll agree that’s exactly where it belongs. We could wax poetic about the depth of field, and color palette, but we would rather just let this one speak for itself. Easy win Eloise, enjoy the prize money. 🙂


Cupcake1992 does it again with these shots below. Two great reasons to award the other first place crown if you ask us. We don’t think she could take a bad picture if she tried.  Her submissions for our contest on Tumblr are jaw dropping.  We think you will agree this is one of the freshest and hottest faces in our contest.  Congrats on the win cupcake, you deserve it!




Seriously. Week 31 is a don’t miss week. Check out the girls of mygirlfund to leave your  votes with reblogs and comments. Clickety click!



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