Hard to believe it got hotter in week #30

Welcome to the results for week 30 of the hottest photo contest on the internet. It’s hard to believe that this contest gets hotter every week, but it does.  This week we have two honorable mentions, and four cash-money winners to present for your viewing consideration.

Wondering how it all works? Check out our rules page for guidelines on submitting. Want to increase your chances of winning? Make sure you read TMGFR for great tips on content production, so that you have an edge up on the competition.

Speaking of competition, it sure is stiff around these parts lately. The heavy guns are out and blazing these last few months, and there is no sign of a cease fire in sight. Like clockwork the shots pour into our queue everyday. Around 9:00 PM pacific time we post the queue, so make sure and tune into your Tumblr dashboard around that time to see the latest and freshest shots from the most compelling girls on the web, and be the first to start the reblogging madness.

This time around we have two honorable mentions to present. Both our honorable mentions are actually recent winners. We have no serious criticism to present, as they are well rounded and overall just gorgeous shots. Check out Baronheart, our first honorable mention, pictured below.  She has her own style, and submits a muted color palette that never fails to delight.  Kind of reminds you of a film shot you would see tucked into a book somewhere.



Divinyls, our second honorable mention goes to the opposite end of the temperature spectrum. Her aqua blue-green temp setting really works well in the clean light. Divinyls also knows how to adjust the color and temp of her shot to accommodate her skin tone. Note how her skin tone is accurately represented, even though the overall light temp leans towards blue? That takes skill.. it’s something subtle you wouldn’t think of unless you really knew what you were doing. Nice shot!


LillyMarie scores some money this week for this tall and proud shot of her looking the viewer directly in the eye. We think the Illuminati styling with the hair over one eye is cheeky, and we really like the depth of field in this shot- probably an aperture dialed into f5.6 or so?  This shot is also sharpened nicely, without going too far. Each hair on her head can be counted if you really wanted to, and still it doesn’t look like a studio shot. Great balance.. a style we like to call pro-candid.



Cupcake1992 is a recent winner, and the newcomer everyone is talking about. She takes runner up for this adorable shot of her in bed. Her presentation would be top notch in any venue. She has a sense for color that we don’t see very often. The fact that she is supermodel gorgeous only adds icing on the skill cake this girl serves up to her fans and friends. She’s on fire!


Sobootyful showed up recently bearing gifts. She is brand new to our contest, (yes another new girl took first place this week!) and dropped these bombs in our queue for week 30. We are happy as hell to have her, as long as she is rocking shots like this, and we can’t wait to see what else she comes up with. Congrats on the first place win Sobootyful!




Supergirl4cam is also pretty new to our contest. It’s always great to give away money, but for this shot its almost obligatory. It has it all. Range, emotion, composition, and dynamic range. My goodness, can you believe this girl will turn on her cam for you? Click her photo and send her a message introducing yourself. Maybe you will get lucky and find out for yourself!



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