MyGirlFund girls broke convention in Week #29

Week 29  defied expectations and commonly observed creative rules about what makes for good photos. We love it when that happens! The creative streak in some of our contestants runs unusually high, and this week we have awarded them for their effort and willingness to bring us into the most intimate moments in their lives in a way that doesn’t look like every other pretty girl on Tumblr. Our contestants are mysterious, hip, hot, and candidly open. We can’t get enough, and neither can their friends and fans. People get worked up into a commenting frenzy when our queue goes live everyday. It’s obvious that this is without a doubt the single hottest photo contest on the web.

Take a look at Artemisia, pictured below.  Herodotus wrote about the great warrior princess Artemisia way back in the 400 BC era.  Her name brings to mind great victories, and stunning successes on the battlefield. We are guessing this incarnate of Artemisia will pick up where the other left off sooner or later, but in the meantime she is dominating in this contest. This week she scores an honorable mention for this sepia toned shot of her giving her nipple a good hard pinch against an elegant lace backdrop. Also note the clever use of light and mirrors to give this photo a sense of space and magnitude. It’s like you could just reach right into it and unsnap her garter.




PrincessKoki gets in on the Comicon madness with this shot of her dressed like a manga sailor. Hundreds of thousands of people attended Comicon this year- we wonder if she was one of them?  Or maybe she just dresses that way? We can’t tell with the backdrop of her bedroom looking like that just may in fact be the case! We think she is adorable, and hotter than the fourth of July. Between the manga cosplay, and the fuzzy handcuffs on her bed, we think we are in love! She scores some runner up money for week 29.


BaronHeart is another girl with a bold and powerful name. We love it! This shot of her below scored runner up this week for it’s great filmic look. We think the serpent band on her arm really works well in this setting. This shot looks very Kodachrome, and very well thought out. If the lens blur filter was done a little bit more convincingly, she would have scored first place for it. The rounded corners work out well in this shot as well. We love the direct eye contact, and the POV used for this. Delicate, yet direct. A very delicious contradiction.


Divinyls shoots up to first place this week for this shot below that breaks every single cropping rule known to man.  It’s obvious she well knows the rules of composition and cropping, or she would not have been able to break them this effectively.  Without getting to much into compositional theory, it’s the focus being on the flowers that makes this crop work. The leading line of her leg draws your eye past the subject and into the photograph in a way that is pleasing and classically abstract. In other words, it’s downright artistic! This girl has a future in this.  Congrats on the prize money Divinyls.


Lunababe wears our other first place crown for week 29. She also just breaks the commonly known rules of photography like it ain’t no thing.  This entire shot is all about the color and shape. Either she accidentally took a slightly out of focus shot and then cropped it to make it work, or she took the shot like this on purpose. Either way, the end result pans out brilliantly. It’s pastel perfection with the color of her skin balancing perfectly with the yellows and reds on her sheet. Good job Luna, congratulations. 🙂


That wraps it up for week 29. You never know what styles and trends you will see next from our lovely contestants. Stay tuned for week 30.

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