Week #28 was raw and heart-stopping

Say hello to week 28 of the hottest photo contest on the web.  We can’t get enough of the daily parade of raw and heart stopping sexiness, and neither can Tumblr! Our followers keep growing, and the fans and friends of these girls are showing their love and support on a daily basis by reblogging, commenting on their favorite photos, and also by clicking through to the best social network for adults on the internet. These girls all keep accounts at MyGirlFund-and so should you! It’s time to spice up your online black book. Get to know one of these amazing girls today by clicking a photo, and sending a free message.

Like usual, we start off with our honorable mention. These are shots that didn’t win, but almost did. There is sometimes quite a bit of back and forth to figure out who had the best shots of the week. This week was no exception, Raecline, pictured below almost took home some money for this great shot of her in a Banksy T-shirt.  My gosh, those cutoffs are tiny!  Shots like this should be crystal clear and sharp though. This one is a little soft for the style of portrait this is, so it stands in the honorable mention spot, even though it’s hot enough to stare at for days. Raecline is new to our contest, and it’s pretty obvious that this girl has skills. We can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.



KuteKK takes runner up, and scores some green cash for this gorgeous shot of her below taking advantage of the morning light streaming through her blinds. To contrast with the shot above however, this IS the kind of shot that does really well softened a little.  She is gorgeous, engaging, and a bit mysterious in this setting. We wonder what she is looking out at.


Melblack takes second runner up for this adorable selfie hug she sent us in week 28. Candid shots like this are so refreshing stacked up next to the poses and props that we see in our queue every day. We try to reserve at least one candid spot in the winners circle every week, and this week it was Melblack who scores the greenbacks for her candid contribution.


Baronheart showed up out of the blue a few weeks back and started sending in photos that were simply undeniable. Just scroll down and gaze at the two shots below for awhile. Feel better? Us too. Baronheart makes the serotonin surge in the brains of every person who sees her shots. How does she accomplish this voodoo?  We don’t know, but we are awarding her one of our two first place crowns for the week. She is one of our most compelling newcomers, and we think if you click over to her profile and introduce yourself you will agree that she is absolutely unforgettable. Congrats Baronheart!


Cupcake1992, we could write poetry about your ass. Just sayin. It might not be very good poetry… Ok. It wouldn’t be for sure. We are not poets. Instead of a poem, we will just send your girlfund a nice little deposit instead. Seems fitting for the stream of unbelievable shots we have received from you. Keep them rolling in cupcake! 


Week 28 was pretty damn fantastic. Stay tuned to find out if week 29 can compete!

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