The girls stepped up their game in week #27

Week 27 of the Mygirlfund weekly photo contest on Tumblr is here as promised. On time, chilling in your inbox with 4 new winners. Two first place spots, and two runner up spots are handed out every week, and the winners score some cold hard cash deposited directly into their girlfund. Sweet deal right? It’s a great deal for the girls who participate, because they get the exposure of our very popular tumblog, and also they get the chance to earn some quick cash for doing what they love to do!

Coming up with different ideas for photos on a consistent basis is a lot harder than it sounds. So much thought goes into the “behind the scenes” on many of these photos. We do this contest as a way of showing appreciation for that dedication, and also as a way to help other girls step up their media game. Stepping up your game in front of and behind the camera is the quickest way to increase your following on all your social networks. (Mygirlfund in particular!)

So lets get down to business. For all you new subscribers, we always start with our honorable mention.  Britt, pictured below broke the ice in the winners pool this week and scored an honorable mention. For a cellphone shot, this is pretty good! We love the eyes, ink, and we wonder what she is listening to on her ipod.  Big points for being engaging, and making eye contact! The composition needs work though, and that’s the only reason she didn’t score some cash this week.  While we are offering CC, we wish the crop was more spacious. Also it could have benefited from a small amount of post production sharpening. So close though… Brit, check out this post for some great tips on rocking your cellphone camera like a pro–We can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


Lauraleigh shows up once every blue moon and graces us with a shot like the one below. This 4th of July themed photo rocked our socks, so we are awarding her some prize money for it. Shots like this could make anyone feel patriotic!


JadedCupcake scores second runner up for this shot below of her in bed looking fantastic. Flash/strobe shots are hard to pull off correctly, but it looks like she is comfortable with the process. There is something to be said for photos like this, they are rare because they are so tricky. Notice the editing? As tricky as these shots are to take, editing them is even trickier. We love how subtle and non-distracting the edits are. Congrats JC! You scored some money in your girlfund.


Rebeccaroses wears a first place crown this week for the shot below. It’s brilliantly composed, beautifully lit, and exposed perfectly.  It’s got a slightly forced perspective that in this composition draws your eye along the photo and keeps it there.  Leading lines, dynamic range, this shot has it all. Plus, it’s just gorgeous to look at. Easy win Rebecca. Congratulations!


That brings us to Skullkid, our other first place prize winner for week 27. We could go on and on about her photo submissions actually. This girl has a technical sense to her media that is downright inspirational. We get a wide variety of shots from her taken on all different kinds of devices. The shot below is a laptop shot (we think) The shot below that taken on what is probably a DSLR. It doesn’t matter if it’s cellphone, laptop, or camera on a tripod though, this is one knows how to get it done right. Check out her entire stream of contest submissions here. We think you will agree she is definitely a skilled contender.  Kudos!



That wraps up week 27. Week 28 is looking like it’s going to be amazing. Stay tuned to find out who won!

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