The fantastically real (and gorgeous) girls of week #26

Well, half way to week 52 and the parade of gorgeous girls just keeps marching. They come from all over the world, have occupations ranging from veterinarians, store clerks, and stay at home moms. They are fantastically real. Approachable, conversational, and of course.. they all send in their submissions to our weekly contest.  You can watch the unbelievable stream of beauty and diversity here at our tumblog, and root for your favorite girls by reblogging and sharing the posts with your friends.

If you are looking for hot and fresh, it doesn’t get better than this. This post showcases 6 of the best shots from week 26. It’s difficult to choose 4 winning spots every week, but somehow we manage to do it. How do you think we did choosing? Make sure to leave your comments below and let us know what you think. Would you like to actually talk to one of these gorgeous girls? (Of course you do.) You can! Just click the photo you like best, and send a message introducing yourself. From there its easy to chat, flirt, and play whenever you want. Be careful though! These girls are addicting.

Case in point: check out our honorable mention this week, a beauty who goes by the name of Chokemespankme-pictured below. Could you possibly say no to those eyes? This photo was a little too small to win, but we included it for your viewing pleasure just because it’s so damn nice to look at. Click her shot to say hi!



Our first runner up for week 26 is SportGrlNxtDoor. My goodness, those gams! We love the pinup style, and the focus on legs. We see lots of feet, butts, and fresh faces, but a girl who knows how to model and showcase her legs is something a little more rare. The just stretch on for miles don’t they? Congratulations on the win sportgirlnxtdoor!




Next runner up for week 26 is LaurenPhillips. She is a recent addition to our contest, and it’s obvious that she knows a thing or two about showing off in front of the lens. This shot is gorgeous, lit beautifully, crystal clear, and well composed. what more could you ask for? She is the total package. Check out her profile for more info about this stunner. Congrats Lauren, you scored some prize money!laurenphillips

ViciousVixen does it again. Our first of two grand prize spots goes to her for this dripping wet submission she sent us pictured below. Got to love the clarity and color on this shot. Even the reflections in the water drops are exposed perfectly. It’s just effortless for MGF legend Vicious  Vixen it seems. Congrats on another first place win! vicious vixen Divinyls wears our second in the pair of weekly first place crowns. We couldn’t decide which of these two shots pictured below to award her first prize for, so we included both! Sexy, flexible, candid, oh… did we mention sexy? These shots have scored many reblogs and comments so its obvious that her fans love these shots as much as we do. It’s an easy win for her this week. Click either one of these shots below and offer her your congratulations for winning first place in our weekly photo contest! (You will be glad you did.)divinyls divinyls

That wraps it up for this week. Show your love and support by reblogging your favorite girls all week long!


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