Week #25 was brilliant

Week #25 of the MyGirlFund photo contest on Tumblr was alive with brilliant shots from the wonderful girls of mgf. This week especially showcased the huge array of different personalities and styles available on the hottest social network ever put online.

All the way from high-end Playboy ready shots, to spur-of-the-moment selfies taken on a laptop in bed–you will find it all in our weekly contest. It’s a don’t-miss opportunity to see the pants-popping media stream from the girls of MyGirlFund.  Simply click on over to our tumblog, and click “follow”.–Then it’s a daily parade of all your favorite girls right into your dashboard. While you are at it, click subscribe and you will get this weekly newsletter sent to your inbox!

Per usual we start with our honorable mention this week. Honorable mentions are shots that almost made it to the winners circle, but not quite. Lauren Phillips pictured below sent us this sexy candid. We can’t decide if it’s her perfect smile, or her beautiful bared breasts we should look at first. This shot would have scored some prize money if it were high resolution,  but it’s just a little too small per the contest rules to win.

Nonetheless we feel like we have to include it in the lineup of the hottest shots of the week.  Lauren is a recent contender in our contest, she sends in amazingly hot shots. Don’t miss out on her weekly submissions, and root for her to win by reblogging and favoriting her submissions. We see big wins in her future!



Lilymariexxx has been tireless in her efforts for this contest. This week it pays off for her nicely! She wins some prize money for this gorgeous POV shot of her in bed. The crop is creative and catchy, she is obviously beautifully composed and the over the shoulder teasing is oh-so-inviting.  Runner up!



Cupcake1992 is our second runner up in week 25 for this heart breaking shot of her putting the fine art behind her on the wall to absolute shame.  She is teasing and direct at the same time, a beautiful paradox to consider.  She is also recently new to our contest. Congratulations cupcake! Enjoy the spending cash.


Dee_darling formerly Dorothymeow leads off our first place spots with this shot below that she knocked out of the park. This photograph hit our queue and was instantly in the first place spot. It didn’t move all week long. Sometimes people have a tendency to use hyped up adjectives to describe what they see, but we don’t think it’s far off at all to call this shot stunning. This is single light source photography at its best and most compelling. Do you want to actually talk to this gorgeous girl? You can! Just muster up your confidence, click on her photo, and drop this gorgeous girl a line introducing yourself. 🙂  You never know what develops from there!


Speaking of stunning, there is also EloiseXXX. This shot below is systematic, and incremental perfection. These sorts of high key shots are the hardest to pull off correctly. Definitely no accident. Every.Single.Detail is meticulously attended to. Despite the obvious skill present behind the camera and lighting setup, you can tell that the editing was very spare, if not non existent. This means all the effort that goes into shots like this were done before the lens was ever even focused. And still, despite the technical perfection of the shot you can still tell that this is really her…so direct, and so approachable.  Oh yeah, she is also brand new to our contest, so we are sure that there are more shots up her sleeve! Click on her picture and offer her your congratulations for winning some first place prize money for week 25!



Week 25 was amazing. Week 26 is looking just as good! Stay tuned to find out who won. 🙂

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