The hottest shots of week #24

Week #24 went by so fast that it was here and gone before we realized it. Good thing we have a stream of unbelievable shots on our Tumblr to prove that it actually happened. Our contestants delivered an abundance of style, personality, and sex appeal per usual. These are real, everyday people who go out of their way to continuously serve up the most creative, and the hottest shots for their friends and fans.   The best thing about it? These are real girls that you can actually talk to. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. Just click on your favorite photo below, and send a free message saying hi! You never know, you could be in for the ride of your life.

First up for week 24 is our honorable mention for the week, brand new girl xxwsweetthreatxx: She sent in this cute shot of her taking advantage of some colorful street art. With an attitude like this, we are sure that she is going to go far on MGF. We can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve!


Teslamour is a first time winner, and first runner up this week for this adorable shot of her in the tub. So personable! Her profile says she is from New Orleans, and will literally dance until she can no longer stand if you let her. Check out her profile by clicking her photo!


VannahBrooke–another first time winner– scored second runner up this week for this great shot of her amazing booty. She walks that line between R and X rated with poise, and on top of that,  she looks great in a handbra!



Firebrand scores some first place prize money for this intimate shot of her in bed having fun in front of the camera. We love the angle, and the point of view. The depth of field, good lighting, and world class sex appeal doesn’t hurt things a bit either! Great job firebrand, keep up the great work and congratulations on first place!Firebrand

JazmineWhite has got it all. Looks, personality, style, skill, and this pair of bike pants that boggle the visual senses. Check out this crazy triptych of her fabulous ass. Need we say more? Well if that is not enough to score first place, then check out the photo of her sporting stunner shades, and a handbra in the shot below that. It’s pool time ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t been taking advantage of the summer weather like Jazmine has, then you are missing out! Click on through to her Mygirlfund profile to see what the good life is all about. 🙂 Congrats on the win JW, great shots this week!



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