Week #23 of MyGirlFund’s tumblr photo contest

Week 23 of the MyGirlFund Photo contest on Tumblr has come and gone, and we have 6 beautiful one-off shots for you to feast your eyes on.  Even though the middle of the week was a bit slow, it picked up considerably towards the end.  Every single day of the week we have photos show up in our queue that make us stop what we are doing and just stare for awhile.  We aren’t the only ones who feel that way. The outpouring of reblogs, likes, and comments for our contestants is as constant as the tides. How could it be otherwise? Each of these girls have their own dedicated fans and friends who look forward to each and every sexy shot they post. It has become an open secret that the MGF photo contest Tumblr is that don’t-miss stream to follow and watch on the daily.

Are you an MGF girl who is curious about how she can get down with the hottest photo contest on the web?

It’s easy. Check out this page for details about how to submit, and what we are looking for as far as content. The short version? Just be your sexy self! Also pay attention to lighting and composition. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out the basics and throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win one of 4 cash prize places every week.

We always start with our honorable mention- that one or two shots that we wish we had more winning slots for, but unfortunately don’t. Only four can make it to the top of the pile every week. This week it’s not different. Our honorable mention is Starfireprincess who has a message in her suspenders for you: Keep calm-I’m the Doctor. That’s right. Our lovely princess is playing Doctor in her bed, and it looks like she is having a blast.  With a Doctor like this, we wouldn’t mind getting our yearly checkup one bit.


Kikigoddard is our first runner up for week 23, and one of our four cash prize winners! This soft and intimate shot of her in bed contrasts with her in your face- fire engine red hair and direct eye contact that draws us into the shot flawlessly. My goodness, she looks so damn touchable. Congrats Kiko, enjoy the spending money. kikigoddard

Divinyls scores some green money for this cooled down blue temp shot of her in bed interacting with some lucky guy online. This is not the first time she has showed up at the top of the proverbial heap. It seems that this one is on a role! Click her shot below and send her a message congratulating her on winning runner-up in our contest. Divynls

Vannahbrooke showed up out of nowhere with her impish grin, wise eyes and stunning ink this week. We took notice, and then couldn’t stop noticing this shot all week. It scores a well deserved first place spot. We love to see new girls win! (Who doesn’t love new girls?) Congrats Vannah, enjoy your prize money, and keep the shots pouring in. Vannahbrooke

Sexxubus is a fan favorite in our contest. She has yet to post a shot that didn’t make our heart race a little faster. We really appreciate her attention to detail, and the way she curates her vast media collection to only give us the best of the best. This week we show our love, and award a first place spot for this pants popping photo below.  Easy first place Sexxubus. Congratulations! Sexxubus

That wraps it up for week 23. It’s always a safe bet to keep your eye on this contest for non-stop awesome vibes, and sexy fun.  Week 24 is shaping up nicely, so stay tuned to find out who made it to the top!

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