Shot after gorgeous shot poured into our week #21 tumblr queue

Week 21 of the MyGirlfund Photo Contest on Tumblr was one of the best played yet! Shot after gorgeous shot poured into our queue all week. The new followers, and rebogs, have been off the chain as well. Congrats to all the girls who participate, for making this the sexiest photo contest on the web. If you want to know how it works- here it goes. If you are an MGF girl, then check the contests section on Mygirlfund for details on how to submit.  Check the rules here for guidelines on what kind of photos to submit.  If you are a fan, or friend of an MGF girl- the best way for you to show your love and support, as well as have your voice heard, is to Re-blog your favorites religiously. Spread the word about your digital lovers, and be rewarded with more shots from our contestants everyday. Simple right?

This week we lead off with our honorable mention pictured below.   Aluapanon showed up to our contest and got our instant attention with this gorgeous shot of her in front of the bookshelf. We love the leading line of her shoulder. The highlights are a bit hot on her arm, but otherwise its a great laptop POV shot. We know everyone has their eyes peeled for more of her. Aluapanon SecretBkGirl is our first runner up for week 21 for submitting this beautiful shot of her rolling around in her tussled bed. Few things are sexier than a beautiful girl wearing nothing but panties and a T-shirt. Enjoy the extra cash this week BKGirl, great shot. SecretBkGirl Divinyls is our second runner up this week for this simply wonderful shot of her in bed.  This shot would have placed first if it weren’t for the crop, but overall we think it’s definitely worth some cash for the creative composition, and the simple, but perfect lighting. Congrats Divinyls. Divinyls SarahsChambers scores some first place prize money in her girlfund for these two 1×1 headshots she submitted. We think they are great, and they stayed at the top of the heap all week.  Congrats Sarah! SarahsChambers SarahsChambers Virginia Lord takes the other pole position this week for this great shot of her below wearing a candy apple red ball gag. The look in her eyes is challenging, and inviting, all at the same time. A beautiful paradox. Note the lace detail on her lingerie, and the subtle depth of field? Oh. Did we mention that she is brand new to our contest? Another newbie takes first place… we love it when that happens. VirginiaLordDid your favorite girl win this week? Let us know in the comments below! Next week it’s more stunners to present winning crowns to. Make sure you don’t miss a single week by hitting the subscribe button! ❤ Ciao!

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