Week #20 of the sexiest photo contest on the web

Week 20 arrives with lots of craziness in the news. Crazy shootings, ridiculous politics, tech mergers and scandals abound all over the world, but here in our little corner of paradise, it’s all hotties- all the time. Pretty simple huh? Lets just say that tuning into the sexiest photo contest on the web definitely has its advantages.  Which would you rather see in your inbox, real girls, or real politics? We thought so. Pass the word to your friends about this newsletter, and enjoy the kudos you get!

In the meantime, you can support your favorite girls on our Tumblr all week long by re-blogging and sharing the love. Your voice is definitely heard! We love the comments we get as well. Who do you think should have won? Who would you like to see with a plumped up girlfund? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

So on to our honorable mention this week, PixieDoll. This shot below caught our attention-as well as the rest of this set that made its way into our queue this week.  We are so happy that it’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy.

Pr1ncessbritney is our first runner up this week for this jawdropping shot of her reflected in the window–barely there against the beautiful backdrop of the sun setting on the ocean. Beautiful! This shot would have definitely placed first if it wasn’t so darn small! Either way though, it’s still worth some love. Congrats pr1ncess!

Pr1ncessBritney reflected on the sunset

Hunny boo boo sent us this super fun shot of her showing off her ample cleavage in a sky track vehicle. The whole world is at her feet, and it looks like she couldn’t be happier. Great shot Hunny, enjoy the extra spending money!


ImyourZelda is one of our first place crown winners for this beautiful cinema crop of her perfectly lit cleavage. The lighting is sublime in this shot as well as the texture, the ambiance– it’s all there. Easy win Zelda, congratulations!

MaceyJade finishes up the week with this absolutely quirky shot of her in a study of some kind. We are guessing this is a photo set because of the strategically placed books. What do you think? Is this a studio, or does MaceyJade actually have a creepy dolls head in her knicknack cabinet, right below her old school tobacco pipe….This picture is a ton of fun to look at, and that’s why it scores first place for week 20. Congratulations MsJade. You have definitely arrived.


Next week is already shaping up to be fantastically difficult to judge. Stay tuned to find out who won for week 21!

Until next time boys and girls,

Ciao ❤

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