Week #19 sizzled with creative vitality

Week #19 of the MyGirlFund photo contest on Tumblr sizzled right out of the pan and into our queue. Fresh barely begins to describe the creative vitality that MGF girls put on display every week. We have many thousands of followers who eagerly await the next hot serving of mouth watering eye candy-and these girls next door do not disappoint.

We take this contest very seriously and so do our savvy contestants. The MGF photo contest has become a forum for showing off photography and modeling skills, as well as a public platform to gain some seriously beneficial exposure for their efforts. The reblogs and notes have been off the chain lately, thanks guys!  Add to that the chance at winning some cold hard cash every single week, and it becomes an irresistible opportunity for our busy social queens. The new girls are pouring in, the vets are stepping their game up, and fans and friends all over the world are sharing the love like there is no tomorrow.


Roofie has a sardonic name, and an anime-esque style that we absolutely love. She is our first honorable mention for week 19, and we have our eye on her trajectory.


Rastababe is our second honorable mention this week. We loved the composition and focus of this shot, but wish that the post editing was kinder on the shadows and highlights. So close to placing!


TrexisAwesome is going to find that her girlfund is a little richer for placing runner up this week. The shot below is adorable- she seems so perky and approachable. This one is our favorite coy-selfie submission of the week.  Be the first to congratulate her on the win by clicking her photo and sending her a free message!

Firebrand is our second runner up winner for week #19.  She gave up this great shot of her teasing in the great outdoors. Shots like this make us happy that the summer is finally here. We look forward to more fun in the sun shots from her this year. Firebrand MGF

ViciousVixen must have known as soon as she hit the send button that this shot was going to earn her some money.  As soon as it hit our queue we knew that chances were great she would take the crown home, and she did!  We put out a helpful tips article awhile ago that details how to get amazing shots like this in the bright afternoon sunshine. Looks like she took full advantage of the advice! Easy first place VV. Great job!Vicious Vixen Mygirlfund

SexySteph88 is the other big winner for week 19. This amazingly soft and intimate triptych got our blood racing, and the notes on it have been amazing as well! SexySteph has it all, and you shouldn’t let that slow you down from clicking on over to her profile to send her a message. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes for you in the comments.

Until next week, stay tuned on our tumblog to check all the latest submissions for yourself.

❤ Ciao!

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