The girls were on time and on target in week #18

Welcome to week 18 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest on Tumblr!  It looks like we are all caught up and this post is actually going out on time. Hallelujah! If you are getting this newsletter, it means somehow you have found the hottest photo contest on the web. Congratulations!  Now, all you have left to do is tell your friends. Reblogging your favorite girls all week long will definitely get the job done. It’s easy, and it’s a great way to let these lovely ladies know that you appreciate their effort, and want to see more!

So let’s get to the lineup this week.  We have two first place crowns to award, and two runner up crowns, along with an honorable mention. It’s a daunting task to narrow the entire week down to five or six shots, but we did it, and they are all lined up for your viewing pleasure below. Tell us how you think we did in the comments below!

Lacy Augustina is our honorable mention for week 18 for this great retro shot of her standing topless in her window. We aren’t fans of the frame, but we think the shot is outstanding. It was too daring, and too hot to not include with the best of the best shots this week, so here it is!


Prunella wears a runner up crown for week 18. She sent us this intriguing shot below, and it was so sharp and clear that we had to award some prize money for it. Her girlfund is a bit richer for the effort. You can click the pic to send her a message introducing yourself and congratulate her on her new-found riches. 😛

Skullkid has been absolutely knocking it out of the park lately with her submissions. We can always count on some eye popping media in our queue from her lately. It never ceases to amaze us how just a little bit of effort can yield such great results. Check out this diptych below for an example of what we mean.

StephanieSage wears a first place crown this week for this retro shot of her buck nekkie in the great outdoors. She takes us back to a time when people went to the roller rink to disco in V neck shirts. We don’t know if this is a post production filter, or if she actually shot this on an old school film camera, but we love it!



Cattiebug wears the final 1st place crown for these two shots of her below. We have been paying close attention to the shots she submits lately. It’s obvious she has no small measure of skill behind, and in front of, the camera. Note the shot on the bottom with the subtle depth of field. Notice how her face is just a tiny bit out of focus, but that her glasses are razor sharp? Clever.  Click through on her shots to let her know she is at the top of her class this week . A+, Cattiebug, congratulations!

Thats it! Next week you can count on another newsletter letting you know who won. In the meantime, see you over on our Tumblr.

Ciao ❤


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