Hard to believe it’s already Week #17 of MyGirlFund’s 2014 tumblr contest

It’s hard to believe that it’s already week 17 of the MGF photo contest on tumblr. The hottest girls on the internet made the cold winter bearable, and now that the summer is here we have our hopes set high on the hottest year yet on MGF!

Day after day our queue fills up with to the brim with girls who are as unique as they are beautiful.  All they have to do is be themselves, and the guys come crawling out of the woodwork to show their support, and help out their sexy friends. The best of the best make their way into this contest, and it is our distinct pleasure to plant some green money in their girlfunds for the effort.

Our honorable mention for week#17 is SecretBKGirl who sent us this gorgeous 1×1 crop of her white panties and T-shirt. Sexy as hell, and definitely worth sharing with you boys and girls.

SecretBKGirl taking seductive cam photos.


AshleyAskew is our first runner up for this week. We are intrigued by the stack of books in the background, and have to give props to a fellow Dr. Seuss fan. 🙂 Not to mention she is amazing and gorgeous. Rock on Ashley, great shot! You guys can click on her photo to introduce yourselves. We hear she is taking friend applications .ashleyaskew taking sexy selfies in her room.

Prunella got lots of love for this great shot of her teasing the camera from behind. It’s pretty easy to see why, don’t you think? We dig her style and sense of fun. Notice the “Ain’t give a damn” tat on her leg? Classic. Click her shot to tell her yourself that she won runner up for week 17!


SweetieSammi has one of the two first place crowns for week 17, for the two shots directly below. Sammie is soft, supple, and seriously sexy. We were really impressed with the overall quality and vibe that these shots gave off.  That smile! If you click through to her profile, you can send her a message yourself saying congratulations. sweetiesammi sweetiesammi


Skullkid:  wears the other 1st place crown for the week. These shots really show off her sense of artistry. Leading lines, great composition, razor sharp, and unbelievably sexy. Just another day in the life of the uber-creative Skullkid. We are happy to enhance her girlfund with some money for the stellar effort. Keep the shots coming! Skullkid


Week 18 is right around the corner, and you can check out the daily posting on our tumblr to keep up with the action yourself. Show your support by reblogging!




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