The love was strong in Week #16

The toughest job in cyberspace just might be judging the MyGirlFund weekly contest. So many beautiful women haunt the pages of our Tumblog that your finger will get tired of scrolling before you reach the end of them!

It’s week #16 and the love was strong in our camp this week with some outstanding submissions that were both candid and composed from the amazing creatives at MyGirlFund.  If there was any doubt about where the action is at online, then just have a look through our archives for some curvaceous confirmation for our claim. And if you’re ready right now to chat with the girls, check out

This week we couldn’t take our eyes off our honorable mention, Ladybex. She sent us this great sunflared shot of her looking over her shoulder. It would have been an easy first place win if the resolution was better. It’s a gorgeous shot nonetheless, is it not?


Our first runner up for week 16 is OhClementine, who plays the naughty secretary in this shot. Her girlfund is a little richer for the effort. You should click her picture and send her a message congratulating her. Maybe she will let you see some more of the set. 😉OhClementine

SarahsChambers is our next runner up for this week, and this shower shot is definitely hot enough to place her in the lineup. We love the eye contact, and of course we are fans of shots that walk that R rated line like this one below does. Such a lucky photographer! Congrats Sarah, enjoy the prize money. sarahschambers


PixieDoll is one of our pair of first place winners for these two candid shots stacked up below. We try to get some selfies in the mix as often as we can, and these are two great examples of selfies that really showcase her sexy and fun personality.  It makes us wonder who the lucky guy she took these for is. Click through on her photo to land on her personal MGF page. Send her a free message, and be the first to congratulate her on the 1st place win.  PixieDoll


LoveLexxi509 wears the other first place crown this week for this springtime shot of her below looking absolutely radiant in the sunshine. Not a single blown highlight in this bright sunny shot, and you have to love how sharp and clear the shot is. Great depth of field etc. etc… Mostly though, it’s just hot as hell. Congrats Lexxi, we can’t wait to see what else you have to show us.  LoveLexxi509

Remember to thank these amazing contestants all week long on our tumblr page by reblogging your favorites!

Until next week, stay tuned!

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