Week #14 brought out the creme de la creme

Week #14 of the MGF photo contest on Tumblr brought out the absolute creme de la creme. All week long it was a parade of perfection. More girls than ever before are participating in the hottest photo contest on the web, and the fans couldn’t be more supportive! The MGF guys are known for being magnanimous, and lots of those guys are Tumblr converts. This photo contest is a super way to increase your customer base if you are already an MGF girl, not to mention you stand a shot at pocketing some extra money if you win!

For all you Tumblr fans, now is an excellent time to get involved in the hottest adult social network on the web. The girls are showing up from all over the world to chat, play, and flirt with guys like you one on one. Are they out of your league? Absolutely. The most flirtatious, and beautiful girls on the web call MGF home. Click on any one of these photos below, and send a free message introducing yourself to see why!

We have to include two honorable mentions this week, because we couldn’t choose between them.

SexyInside, pictured below has this great from the bottom up angle that puts the viewer where all the action is at. We like the teasing dominatrix vibe it has. We can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!


Sexyinside with this great from-the-bottom-up perspective

Next honorable mention is Nyxiadoll who is definitely not letting the weather get in the way of having a good time. We hope it warms up wherever she is soon, so that she can take off that coat! Great shot Nyxiadoll.


NyxiaDoll doesn’t let the weather stop her from having a good time.



Ashley Askew is our runner up for week 14. We don’t like to judge based on raw sex appeal alone, but on this shot… well. It IS a great shot. Some girls don’t need to act at all to be amazingly sexy, and Ashley Askew is one of them. Check out her profile by clicking her picture below, and introduce yourself! She will make you a believer.


Ashleyaskew wins this shot on raw sex appeal alone

LibrarianSlug is next runner up for week 14, and she wins an easy 25 bucks for this soft portrait of her all snuggled up in bed. Even for a cellphone shot, we get that great emotional connection from her candid gaze. Congrats!


LibrarianSlug is soft and beautiful

AmberNevada has the first place crown for week 14. This shot of her in bed is just gorgeous. No instagram filter necessary to pull of well lit shots like this. We love the touches of pink, and the slightly shallow depth of field. Easy money again AmberNevada, congratulations!


AmberNevada doesn’t disappoint with this great shot of her in bed

Jasmine Sweet has a certain look about her that we really like. She seems serious and fun at the same time. We are all for contrary juxtapositions, and Jasmine Sweet has plenty to share! This pair of shots below really stand out in the crowd, and were happy to award some first place prize money for them. Congratulations Jasmine!

Jasmine Sweet

Jasmine Sweet will make you forget all about work


JasmineSweet finds your eyes in the mirror

Week 15 brings more beauties, stay tuned for another 4 winners next week! ❤

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