An abundance of beauty in week #13

Week #13 for the Mygirlfund photo contest had the queue filled to the brim with an abundance of beautiful compositions.  This contest has picked up considerably in the last few months, and we think it’s in large part thanks to submissions like the ones you see below. It’s a great way to get some free exposure, and have a chance at winning some prize money for your girlfund! Guys, you can have your opinions heard by reblogging your favorite girls all week long on our tumblr here.  It’s a great way to show some love, and also keep track of the hottest photo contest on the web.

WIthout further preamble, we bring to you the winners of the My Girl Fund Photo contest on Tumblr, starting with our honorable mention, WeWantMolly. We loved the bandana bikini, and the bunny ears. We can’t wait to see what else she sends in!


WeWantMolly rocks her bandana bikini

Our pair of runner ups this week are both absolutely delicious.

Jazmine White, shown below does the light through the blinds shot the right way. We really dig the composition. Click on her picture below to congratulate her on the win!

Jazmine White

Jazmine White does the light-through-the-blinds-shot the right way.

BadBrittany is our other runner up for week 13. She makes this pose look so easy in this shot below. We love the creative use of the mirror as well. Click her shot to congratulate her yourself on the win.


BadBrittany makes the most out of that mirror for this sexy submission

Our two first place crowns were difficult to pick this week, but we managed to do it! OhClementine, had these two shots pictured below that we couldn’t ignore. We love the baseball T in the shot below! Congrats OhClementine, your girlfund is now a little bigger.


OhClementine rocks a baseball T and panties


We love the subtle watermark! Unobtrusive, but still highly effective.

Ravenously obviously knows how to make an impression. This shot got our immediate attention for it’s flawless composition, and filmic look. This shot was an instant contender, and stayed at the top all week. Congrats Ravenously!


Ravenously does black and white the right way.

Next week brings 4 more winners, and dozens of submissions to drool over. Make sure you keep up with our daily tumblr posts so that you can vote for your favorites!

Until next week boys and girls. Ciao!

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