Week eleven was heaven on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

Week 11 was heaven at the MGF photo contest on Tumblr. It’s an honor and a privilege to curate such a beautiful collection of personalities, but what a challenge! Just 10 or 15 years ago, if you wanted to capture shots like the ones below, you had to work with a pro photographer. Now it’s a flood of amazing media everywhere you look from girls just like the ones on MyGirlFund!  It just goes to show that girls with goals are powering through the digital age. They may make the idea of a professional photographer obsolete. Be careful, or they may make your real life girlfriends obsolete!

Our honorable mention this week is DaxDuality, (awesome name) who sent us in this perfectly lit shot of her from behind. This classic pose and lighting is brilliantly executed, and offset by her amazing purple hair. We only wish she was making eye contact in this shot as it would have added to the emotional appeal. Either way, it’s a great shot and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

Violet Visceral inspires a firm reaction

Next honorable mention is skm2865 who sent us this gorgeously candid selfie. We really wish we had some eye contact in both of our honorable mentions submissions this week. Nonetheless, this is a shot worthy of displaying, and congratulating. We can’t wait to see what else she has for us.

MGF's skm2865

So our first runner up for week 11 is Tomie, who knows how to make that connection by looking directly at the viewer. Such luscious confidence! We love her style and aesthetic. It’s alt girl meets girl next door. We’re all about it. ❤

Tomie contemplates whether she should or shouldn’t

Next runner up crown goes to MissFaune who has this classical portrait submission pictured below. Everything about this pose is from a bygone Renaissance era. Painters have been contemplating their muses in this pose and position for hundreds of years. She fills those shoes nicely, and were happy to fatten up MissFaune’s girlfund a bit for the effort. Congrats!

MissFaune contemplates something in the middle distance

MaceyJade sent us this shot that made us double and triple take every time we scrolled past it this last week. Yeah, she’s got the chops to rise to the top multiple times already this year. Clearly she is a force to be reckoned with. Congrats MJ, and may we say… wow! Easy first place win.


Finally we have MichelleFromTx, who sent us this crazy intimate shot of her in the bathroom having a bit of fun against the door. This girl knows definitely how to rock a pair of blue jeans. We like the angle and the composition, as well as the non explicit explicitness. Softcore is the new Hardcore, and she illustrates why beautifully. Click on her picture to congratulate her on the first place win!

MichelleFromTX gives us this voyeurs angle

See you boys and girls in week 12.


❤ Ciao!

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