Week #10 featured a boggling array of beauties

Week Ten did it again with a vast array of colorful beauties to boggle our judges and audience. How to choose between so many? No easy feat, we assure you. The panorama is amazing over at the Mygirlfund Tumblr contest. We went from being a backyard effort to providing a world wide stage for our amazing contestants. All this year we have seen the creativity just pour into the queue. We predict flabbergasting entertainment all year long, so stay tuned for the weekly diva parade.

In the meantime, for week 10 we have 6 beauties to present, four of whom have had their girlfund plugged with some extra spending money for placing either on our first place or runner up teams. 

Per usual we start with our honorable mentions, starting with Leahlove who sent us this triptych of her reveling in the sunshine. What a gorgeous set of photos!

Next honorable mention is psychicxchasms, who has an amazing vibe to go along with her beautiful appearance. We love everything about her! Keep your eyes peeled on the tumblr for more of her. 

So we all know what time it is now right? Time to give away some money. First runner up this week is MGF Legend Cherry_Bella who graces our Tumblr page with her beautiful form from time to time. This week, her shot rose to the top and earned her some cash. Click on her photo to go to her profile and congratulate her!

Next runner up is Jaina who completely nailed it with this pinup submission. We love the pose and the lighting, as well as the modest sexiness. This is a girl who could probably show you a thing or two. Click on her picture to check out her profile. Congrats Jaina!

So for our first place team, we bring you two different styles completely. First up by AmberNevada1 is a soft black and white from-the-top-down shot we could not ignore. This is right on the line between X and R rated. In this case, less is definitely more when you take into account the artful composition, and well thought out lighting, not to mention Amber is absolutely beautiful in her own right. Amber definitely gets what were going for here. Click her photo to tell her congratulations!

The next first place prize winner is GeorgiaPeach03 who sent in a more candid shot of her in her natural habitat. We love the straight forward eye contact, and the sense of confidence we can read in this shot. She is absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t help but to award her first place for this. Congratulations Georgia! Until next week boys and girls.

❤ Ciao!

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