Girls with goals powered Week #9 of MGF’s tumblr contest

Week 9 of the MGF Photo contest on Tumblr was ALL about high end quality. At Mygirlfund we have learned that there are some things that girls with goals all have in common. They strive for quality. They positively drip and radiate confidence and sex appeal. Not only that, they also know the value of good friends and fans.

Every week our contestants sort through the media they snapped to find the best of the best to send in to our contest. The 4 winners that we choose each week usually are pretty self explanatory, but this week it was especially tricky to cull the shots down to just 4 winners. We love being in that predicament. ❤  However. The deed is finally done, and we have narrowed it down to 4 winners and two runner ups. Feast your eyes on this weeks selections.

Honorable mention goes to CrystalPink who takes the opposite approach when it comes to her presentation. Crystal is closely shorn, and completely sure of herself in the foreign construction environment that this was shot in. Somehow she pulls it off in a fishnet dress and six inch heels. 

That brings us to the part where we throw around some money.

First runner up is a new entrant. Some girls like fast cars, and shiny gadgets, but Macybb6969 prefers a more classic approach. She is our first runner up for week 9. The bearskin rug is a great symbol for her conquering her environment. She looks flawless doing it!

Next runner up for week 9 is LustfulKitten who comes and goes as she pleases. Just as any kitten would do. She showed up last week and decided to submit some photos. Good thing she did, because they rose to the top, and earned her some cash money. Check your girlfund for some love LustfulKitten. Great shots!

That brings us to the part where we hand out two crowns to our team of first place winners. First up is ShesinStereo, who blew us away with this shot that is all about color and light. We are guessing that this was shot on a cam, but when we considered the photo itself, we couldn’t deny it’s creativity, composition, and originality. The green, red, and yellow blocks of color behind her really tie this shot together. It’s psychedelic and intimate all at the same time. Your girlfund is a little richer Ms. Stereo, congrats on the first place win!

That brings us to Orgasmic_erin who scored an honorable mention last week for another shot from this set. This week, we have to give her first place for the effort to step it up, and the clever editing decision to go with black and white for this particular cosplay effort. Great job Erin, check your girlfund for some prize money. Until week ten, where we’ll do it again!

Ciao ❤

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