Week #8 of the hottest photo contest on the web

It’s week 8 of the hottest photo contest on the web, and those shutters are working overtime. What started out as a few hundred loyal fans and friends supporting their favorite girls, has grown into a worldwide audience that generates many thousands of likes and reblogs a month. The tumblr contest has become an amazing way to get your personal brand a fresh and loyal following. These guys know how to show love!

And speaking of the guys, they couldn’t be happier. With shots like the ones below, who could think otherwise? This photo contest has turned into a win win situation for both fans, and MGF girls. If you haven’t done so yet, click on any one of these photos to be transported to a personal profile. From there you can send a free message saying hi, or congratulations on winning the hottest photo contest on the web.

OrgasmicErin didn’t win this week, but this shot was so damn hot we had to include it as an honorable mention. We would love to see more of this set.  The upskirt action is well done, and in the style of cosplay that this sort of costume is presenting.  We wish the focus wasn’t on the stairs though… Either way. Amazing shot, and worth a look!

That lands us at the feet or our runner ups for week 8, starting with BunnyButt, who sent in this amazing triptych last week. Really.. this sequence is absolutely gorgeous. She recently stole the show at the FreeYourFace event as well, and it’s becoming fairly obvious that she is an MGF shooting star. We’re making her girlfund a little fatter this week for this shot below. Click on it, and tell her congratulations!

Next runner up is LilHolly, who is sporting the latest fashion craze we have have been seeing. The colorful animal print is all the rage, and Holly rocks it better than any we’ve seen so far. Everything about her is carefully considered, and designed to make you look twice, even three times. Great shot Holly, check your girlfund for some prize money! 

So our pair of first place crowns this week go to two of the most prolific contestants the MGF Tumblr Photo Contest has to offer. Jazmine White, pictured in the two shots below has been absolutely killing it with her submissions. The watermarks really could be better positioned in her shots, but we decided to overlook it this week due to the sheer quality and craftsmanship that she puts out here for you lucky fans and friends.  She is not playing around when it comes to producing top notch media, and for a girl next door, we couldn’t be more impressed. She is all that and then some, so were funneling some first place cash into her girlfund.

Congrats Jazmine, keep the shots coming. 

That leaves us with one of the funnest personalities MGF has to offer. LilMissTrouble is exactly that… trouble!~ We absolutely love her for it, and we know you do too.

Check out these three shots below, we love how sexual they are and at the same time, mostly clothed! Clothes are sexy too, and lilmisstrouble knows how to put an eye popping outfit together.  We are all about individual style and personality, and she wins this week for that alone. Great push LilMissTrouble. Check your girlfund for some first place prize money! 

You know the business… next week, same bat time, same bat channel. ❤ Ciao! 

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