Week #7 was bursting at the seams

Week #7 of the My girlfund photo contest was bursting at the seams with unbelievably fresh faces and hot bodies. MGF girls are known for being amazing, but sometimes it just has to be seen to be believed. Check out the last 100 entries or so over on our Tumblr to see exactly what we are talking about.  There were just too many amazing entries to have 100% confidence that we can somehow magically pick the four best. We wrangled and wrestled and contemplated endlessly to assign the 4 weekly crowns in week 7–and we finally did it.

Coming hot off the tail of the popular FreeYourFace event we expected the week to perhaps be a bit slower, but it didn’t end up going down like that. The warming weather must have brought out the hidden shutterbug in our contestants. They showed up with shots that show beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are no slouch with that camera. Either in front of or behind the lens.

Check out our honorable mentions this week and you’ll get an idea of what we mean.

GoddessladyJade is both the model and the photographer in this sultry shot of her in her comfy looking bed. The expression is intimate and candid, and we just had to include her in the newsletter to at least showcase the shot a little more, even if she didn’t place. Keep them coming Jade, you are indeed a Goddess!

Next honorable mention is Pixiedoll, who has been keeping the heat coming with shots like the one below. This shot would have placed first if her beautiful little digits were in focus, and the depth of field was reversed. We love clever, and this shot is definitely that! We have our eyes open for more of her in the future.

Ok, that brings us to our runner ups for week 7.

One of those crowns goes to Ambernevada1 who has taken full advantage of a wide open aperture and a showstopping smile to put together this shot.  We love shots that emotionally connect with the viewer, and tell me in all honesty that you can’t look at this shot and smile with her? Exactly. We are happy to pump some money into her girlfund for this one. Congrats Amber! 

And then we have this absolutely pro shot of girlnamedRyan. This black and white showed up in the queue and was an instant contender. The dynamic range is spot on, and the blacks are deep and rich without being clipped. Subtle editing on this shot makes it print-ready-frameable. We wonder if she knew she was going to win some money for it as soon as she saw this shot, like we did.  Congrats Ryan, kiss your photographer, and maybe buy him or her a cold beer for the great shot. Pat yourself on the back for this one, you deserve it! 

We have another black and white shot to showcase this week, this time from Puddlewonderful. She has been on a Tumblr hiatus, but recently broke the silence with a stream of shots that can only be described by printing them here for you to see.  What she does seems effortless, and we think it’s safe to assume that there are plenty more eye popping shots to come from her in the future. We can’t wait!

Congrats PuddleWonderful. 

That brings us to HotPepper, our other first place queen for week seven. Pepper is colorful, confident, and absolutely indomitable. Check the following three shots out for examples of what we are talking about here.  She has an intimate relationship with color and composition that would be enviable by any model or photographers standard. The fact that she is submitting self shots that meet this criteria really goes a long way towards establishing herself as a media powerhouse. No blurry or out of focus shots from her, only excellence. Easy first place win for week 7 Pepper, congratulations!

More photos than usual to include in this weeks newsletter, which can only mean one thing. The shots are definitely getting better! Tune in at our tumblr to watch the amazing progress yourself, and let us know how you think we did in the comments below!

Until week 8, dear fans and friends!

Ciao. ❤

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