13 Fearless Faces Win The MyGirlFund Free Your Face Event

The third annual Free Your Face event produced the best showing ever! This year, our 65 contestants really took the time and energy to produce media that is both compelling and convincing.

The argument? That women are actually prettier, and easier to relate to underneath all that makeup. In a digital age where Photoshop, and actual airbrushing, are all part of the game, FYF provides a refreshing contrast. Seen below are the 13 winners of the event, and they prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that faces are far more compelling when they are fresh and approachable.

This is girl power in it’s rawest and most empowering form. Take them as they are, unpainted, and unadorned-or risk losing your humanity slowly to the pixel perfect digital portrait that we pass off as “us”.

Note the expressiveness of the pre-makeup photos. Each face tells a story that is a lot easier to read, and emotionally connect to without the layer of paint in between them and the viewer.

That connection is what MyGirlFund is all about. Real connections with real people.

In no particular order below, we bring you the 13 crowns, for our 13 fearless winners.

The Winners of the 3rd Annual Free Your Face Event. 

Fresh faced xxxjess with and without makeup. Winner!

Sweetsugarplum is a powerful example of the transformation woman undergo on a daily basis. She is gorgeous! Winner.

Kandidreams has the face of a teenager, but the eyes of a wise soul. Winner!

Lexicole is so expressive that it would be impossible not to give her a crown, and some girlfund love. Winner!

GirlnamedRyan has the hint of a challenge in her eyes, and an impish grin to back it up. Winner!

Lolidolly is so fresh and so clean…Winner!

CuriousClover really grasped what we were looking for here. Fresh faced and candid, she creates a compelling argument to Free Your Face! Winner.

Bunnybutt has the face of an angel. Winner!

Genxoxo may just be the happiest face in the whole contest. Whatever she is doing, shes definitely got it figured out. Winner!

SummerCollins freshly scrubbed and out of the shower is a wonderful sight to behold. Winner!

Bindi looks as if she can see right through you. Winner!

AngelicTemptress Stands out in the crowd with this gorgeous shot of her pre and post makeup.

In perhaps the biggest transformation in the contest, SportGrlNxtDoor unveils this dramatically dynamic before and after. What a fox! Winner.

There you have it. Break out the champagne, and click on your favorite winners picture to go to her profile and congratulate her!

❤ Ciao.

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