Fresh faces brightened MyGirlFund’s Week #6 tumblr contest

Week #6 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest went above and beyond what we usually see in terms of quality and raw sex appeal. (There is a photography pun in there for all you camera geeks.) It’s no secret that we have the hottest and freshest lineup of fresh faces from all over the world here in one place, on MGF. It’s the premiere social networking platform for adults who like to flirt, play, and make generous and interested friends.

These friends show there devotion on MyGirlFund, but also on our Tumblog where the most camera savvy girls we have step up to the plate and submit their best shots of the week to applause in the form of countless reblogs, and thousands and thousands of eager fans checking back often for updates from their favorite girls.  Not being the kind of girls to disappoint, this week of course brings 4 crowns and a few honorable mentions to sample.

Like this shot below of AnnabelleLu, who is our first honorable mention for week 6. Her style is undeniable. If this shot was larger and higher resolution it would have probably (maybe?) placed first. It was too gorgeous not to include in this weeks newsletter though, so here it is!

Our second honorable mention this week is FilthyBabe, who proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that clothes are very, VERY erotic. We love girls playing in their skimpy lingerie and FiltyBabe illustrates why so beautifully. This shot is a little noisy so it didn’t place. But it was oh so very close! 

First runner up for week six is Chokemespankme. Her naughty name is belied by the most wonderfully approachable shots she submits. We love her direct gaze and the striking candor of her expression.  The crazy mani, and the matching lip piercings, put the tiniest bit of edge on this shot. ❤ Congrats on the win ChokemeSpankme. Enjoy your money. 

Next up to get her girlfund fattened up a little bit is Hairsprayqueen who is our second runner up this week. She won some money for this seriously adorable shot of her in her bedroom. A casual look around this pic shows that she knows how to party like a rockstar, and doesn’t mind a good book or two while shes at it. Quintessential millennial girl. Enjoy the dough HairsprayQueen!

The crowns this week to hand out for first place were debated and deliberated to no end. It’s so tough to choose between all the great submissions we get. Let us know in the comments how you think we did!

TeaganEnchanted always sends us the best of the best, and this week was no exception. Check out the pastel hair below, or the naughty nurse outfit in the shot below that. This girl dresses up in February like it’s Halloween, and we love every single minute of it. She is soft, curvy, and oh so approachable. Click on her picture below to get carried over to her MGF profile where you can congratulate her on the win! 

That leaves MissRaquelBells, who sent in this perfect shot below. It’s a stunner, and so is she. The angle and aperture were thoughtfully laid out, and seriously, if she handled this whole shot herself, (as in if this is indeed a selfie) we are very impressed. We are injecting her girlfund with some green money. Click her photo to congratulate her on the first place win!Week Seven has great things already lined up. Stay tuned to see who wins! ❤ Ciao

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