Our week #5 tumblr contest was off the chain

Week 5 of the MGF photo contest on Tumblr went off the chain, boys and girls. We have 6 shots to present this week, 4 of which won some girlfund money!

Right now, in addition to this contest, there is a humongous Free Your Face event happening right now over on the Mygirlfund Events Tumblr. The faces pouring in everyday are a stunning example of what makes the MGF community so unique. These are real girls, just being themselves. Go check it out, to see what the hype is all about! Imagine all those beautiful faces in the same place, at the same time, flirting, playing, and chatting with lucky guys like you. This isn’t some camsite filled with dead eyed strippers.  Mygirlfund girls are vibrant and colorfully diverse in both native languages, and lifestyles. If you have been waiting to go check out the community, there couldn’t be a better time to get involved. We have staggering amounts of girls online at any given time chatting, messaging, blogging, and just having a great time.

Below are six samples for you to peruse. Tell us if you think we did a good job picking the winners below, in the comments!

First honorable mention for week 5 is dirtstar89. This girl has been on fire in the tumblr contest, sending out shot after shot for her adoring fans to reblog and comment on! Check out her MGF profile to learn more.

Our second honorable mention for week 5 is Sweetlillymarie, who sent in this great selfie below.  She is definitely stepping her game up lately with creative angles, and superb lighting. We can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table.

Our first runner up for week 5 is CuriousClover, who absolutely rocked it with this great candle lit submission. She was able to turn on a light, and still keep the ambient lighting of the candles for this great exposure. Protip! We loved the shot CuriousClover, enjoy the money.

Next and final runner up is GirlNamedRyan who rocked the depth of field and sex appeal to the max for this shot below. We love how colorful it is as well. Easy money, enjoy Ryan. 

So our first place winners this week are both new girls, and each have a completely contrasting style. First up is SummerCollins pictured below who really struck the Valentines Day mood with this shot of her on a red couch. Great lighting, Super HD, and utterly gorgeous. Enjoy your win Summer, you earned it. 

That leaves Alli3pie, pictured below who sent in this dark and mysterious shot of her on the couch. The lighting is intimate, and her caught in mid glance like that adds a certain sense of motion to an otherwise very sharp shot. We liked the contrasting mood so much we decided to award her first place. Congrats Alli3pie, we can’t wait to see what else you have to show us!

That is TWO new girls who showed up and scored first place, with hardly a few entries under their belt. It happens all the time around here, so it would pay to hit subscribe to make sure you keep up with the tide of amazing.

Until next week,

Ciao <3!

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