New girls stunned on MyGirlFund’s Week #4 tumblr contest

Week #4 was exciting on MyGirlFund’s contest Tumblr! We have a big handful of stunning new girls, as well as a showing from some of our most creative, and serious, photographers. We swear that MGF girls have taken the art of the selfie to a whole new level.

Lots of the USA is still frozen cold, but in the digital paradise of Mygirlfund, it’s always warm and cozy. If it’s cold outside you can bet you can find our girls snuggled up with a warm drink, and the fiery glow of a cam equipped laptop. 😉

And if it’s warm outside, you can bet that you will find our girls wearing next to nothing, soaking up the sunshine like vitamin D addicts. Who are we to complain when we get shots like this as a result? Check out our first of two honorable mentions this week:

Ren looks amazing in a bikini! We are jealous of the awesome weather she is experiencing in her part of the world. We are hoping to see a lot more of her in weeks to come.

Our next honorable mention is CuriousClover who has been knocking our socks off for a few weeks now. Her shots just keep getting better and better. We have our eye on her trajectory, and we have to say it looks great from here. 

That brings us to the part of the post where we spend money. (Everyone’s favorite part.)

GirlNamedRyan sent in this subtle, almost filmic shot of her lying on her bed. Always a fan of the perfect aperture setting, we have to award her some cash for the creative cropping, and superb depth of field. Kudos! 

Next runner up is GoddessladyJade, who sent in this sudsy shot of her looking unamused in the bathtub. We love the candid expression. Enjoy the dough Jade!

That leaves two first place crowns to award for week 4.

Bowie, pictured in the two shots below showed up out of nowhere after a long hiatus, and rocked the crowd with these two crystal clear selfies. Shots this good are no accident. Note the white balance and exposure are damn near perfect. She either has daylight bulbs in that ceiling lamp, or she has some impressive post production chops! Job well done Bowie. 

Every.Single.Week. we can count on three shots from MaceyJade.  Somehow, they keep getting better and better. She is rapidly approaching high end professional quality. We may just inquire how she does it, and ask her for some selfie tips sometime. This is a girl who knows how to keep bringing the heat! Easy win Macey, enjoy the money. You know where to find us next week to find out who won for week 5. In the meantime, check out our new Tumblr design! Reblog your favorite girls all week long, and check back here to see who wins!

Ciao ❤

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