Amazing selfie action in our Week #3 contest

Week #3 of the MGF photo contest on Tumblr brought lots of amazing selfie action, and the new girls we are seeing look like they are serious about taking the girl next door phenomenon to a whole other level.  MyGirlFund has the highest concentration of girl next doors’ anywhere on the web. Our fans couldn’t be happier about it either. The reblogs and mentions have been off the chain lately! To all of you loyal followers out there, keep up the great show of love on your end, and we will keep the parade of great shots coming.  Sound like a deal? We thought so.

So, on to the weekly event. Below we have 6 shots from 5 beauties, 4 of whom won some green money for their efforts, and one we just have to mention because her style is amazing.

Our honorable mention for week 3 is Sweetpickles21, who sent in this cheeky picture of her showing off her tongue piercing. Great shot! She is brand new to our contest, and we have our eye out for what she will submit next.

Our runner ups this week are both stunning, and have an intimate familiarity with looking naturally lovely.

1Ancilla pictured below has the over-the-shoulder invite down to a science. It’s a view that’s at once both stunning and approachable. Quintessential girl next door. We will be dropping some money in her girlfund for the effort. 

Next runner up is Lucille who definitely knows how to frame up her shots to make the most of her amazing frame.  This shot is all about her. She is proud and confident, and we can be rest assured that the money we drop in her hand will be money well spent.  Nice shot Lucille!

That brings us to our pair of winners for week 3.

First up is indiRene who whipped up this triptych for us. Everything from the fringed corset to the sequined winter hat and legwarmers… even the crazy cellphone case screams awesome. This is obviously a girl who knows how to have an excellent time in her room. Easy win, great job Rene! 

That brings us to our final winner this week, the rare and valuable BritishRuby.  She has a way of being completely confident and comfortable in front of the camera that we adore. Whoever the human behind the camera is, they are very lucky indeed to get to help her make media like this. We know for sure that her audience is  appreciative! 

With shots like this from real girls next door coming in every day, its an easy move to hop over to the tumblr and click the follow button! Keep up with the dizzying array of beautiful photo submissions, and vote for your favorite girls by reblogging!

Until next week, dear reader. ❤

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