Week #2 combined brains and beauty

Week #2 looked great at the MGF photo contest on Tumblr. If you are getting this newsletter, chances are you have already figured out that the girls of MyGirlFund are an unbeatable combination of brains and beauty. We love nothing more than seeing our fans go bananas for their favorite girls, as evidenced by the reblog numbers that have been adding up quickly!

We went from being one of the best kept secrets on Tumblr to being “a thing”. How did it happen? Well, take a look at the shots below, and you will quickly gain an understanding.

For instance, our honorable mention this week is Melissa14. This shot showcases her long and tall form beautifully. The coy look, and the dangerously dynamic pose says that she knows exactly what she is doing. We have our eyes open for more stuff from her in upcoming weeks.

That brings us to our first runner up for week 2: Tomie sent in this bathtub shot that looks ready for print.  We love the jellyfish ink! The red and white contrast looks wonderful as well, combined with the bright red lipstick. Congratulations Tomie, keep up the great work!

That brings us to our next runner up, AmberNevada1. She sent in this great shot of her taking a break from her dual HD apple monitors. We guess they are probably for editing content she made for you lucky guys! We decided to reward her hard work, and fun play with some cold hard cash in her girlfund. That’s right. We are going to stick it straight in her girlfund. What do you think about that? 

That brings us to our pair of winners for week two, who each have two sensational shots to share. Feast your eyes on SweetLillyMarie, who has been absolutely killing it lately. (See the following two shots for some clear examples) We don’t know if she got a new camera, took a photography course online or what… but it’s working! Whatever she’s doing just payed her back a cool 75 bucks. Let’s see how much she can rack up in 2014!

That leaves us with the infinitely gorgeous TuesdayVonD. The following two shots rocketed her to the top last week, and we don’t think we have to go into why. Just take a look! They are both absolutely dripping with her unique style, and personality. Another win for Tuesday, is a win for all of us. Great job! TuesdayvonD is a polka dotted masterpieceWeek #3 is right around the corner, so look for that post soon! Ciao, boys and girls. ❤

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