Hello, 2014! Week #1 of MyGirlFund’s tumblr contest

Week #1 of 2014 is under wraps and we couldn’t have hoped for better results.  It seems like the word is out, and people are dialing in from all over the world to get a glimpse of some of the hottest girls next door as they compete for the first place crown every week.

Are you a MGF girl wondering how you can throw your hat in the ring? Well, here is a quick run down of the official rules. A little diligence goes a long way towards bringing in some extra cash to your girlfund.  The winners will be chosen every Monday by our editorial board. The two first place winners get 75 bucks cash, and the two runner ups will get 25 dollars.

Our board chooses winners based on four things: Composition, Personality, Originality and Quality. (HD shots, that are in focus, lit well, and obviously about you; not your photographer) While we do allow watermarks, it is rare that a shot will ever win if the watermark is plastered all over the subject. It’s tacky, and takes away from the photograph.  Watermarking your photos with anything other than your MGF name will get your shot moderated.

To submit a photo, check the Contests section on MGF for the submission email address. Make sure you Attach your photo to the email. Some email programs just embed your photo. We need you to attach it. Your MGF username must be the only thing in the subject line! We will link to your profile using the name exactly as it appears. (So if your MGF name doesn’t have spaces, or underscores etc. don’t include it!)

Official Rules:

#1. If your picture is smaller than 800 px across then it will be moderated. Make sure that your camera is set to take large pictures. Our Tumblog is in HD format, and smaller pictures get stretched and look bad. Make sure that you pay attention to this, because we will be much more picky about it in 2014!  Also, poorly lit, out of focus, or very grainy/noisy shots will be moderated. If you are taking pictures on your cellphone, make sure that you have your camera settings adjusted to take large photos.

#2. You may only enter a maximum of once a day, three times a week. We are looking for quality, not quantity.  Different pictures from the same set can be put together into a diptych or triptych.

#3. R rated Nudity is OK, but X rated is not. We want the shot to be about you, and not your anatomy.

#4. You must be already verified on MGF to enter, or win.

#5. Your editing must be subtle. We usually reject large, obvious frames, or Andy Warhol type effects, instagram filters, obvious airbrushing, heavy vignettes etc. We have been known to make exceptions for certain pictures, but only when the editing actually adds to the photo in some way. This is a grey area that is decided on a case by case basis, but you will  usually do better to just skip the heavy edits entirely for this contest.

Pretty simple right? (We try)

Now on to our lineup for week numero uno.

Our honorable mentions this week are sweetlillymarie, and lushsky.

Sweetlillymarie almost won first place this week for this shot below, but the watermark knocked her out of the running. We already see great things from her in week #2 so stay tuned to see how she does next week!

This shot of lushskyy is absolutely gorgeous. We wish the white balance were a little less yellow, but overall it’s a beautiful submission. 

First runner up goes to OhClementine, who definitely killed it with this close cropped shot of her in thigh high sheers, and that really pretty sweater. Somehow the blue hair adds to this color palette. Great job!

Next runner up is Cherry bella, who very likely still has the most stunning eyes we have ever seen. Good thing she knows how to work that Canon to effectively capture them. Great job! 

That brings us to our 1st place winners for week 1. Hopefulspirit pictured below really went all out for this submission. This is a skilled double exposure shot that we couldn’t deny. Great job, 1st place!

Our other first place diva this week is Sexxubus. The two shots below were the best of the week, and were happy to pay for submissions like this. Note that she has a watermark of her MGF display name, but it’s unobtrusive. Her shots are always a great combo of personality, and skillful execution. We can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. Great job! 

That leaves us to say adieu, we will see you next week!

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