Week #50 ended the year on a high note

It’s week 50 here at the MGF Tumblr Photo Contest, and the action is heating up. Every shot this week that we have to present in our lineup of winners is HD, well composed, and lit expertly. If you want to know how to guarantee a spot at the top of this list next week, then take a look at the finer details of the submissions below.  With the New Year underway, we expect nothing short of amazing 24/7. If you aren’t already following us on Tumblr, then you should really get on that.  2014 is poised to receive thousands of eye popping pictures for you to drool over. It’s easy to support your favorite contestants by reblogging, or clicking on over to their MGF profiles to say hi, flirt, chat… or whatever else you can dream up.

Let’s start per usual with our honorable mention, Elsiebelle. This high key shot is evenly lit, and highly detailed. We love the juxtaposition of the lace and her skin. Elsiebelle is a treat to zoom in on, anywhere in this shot. Kudos!

Our first runner up for week 50 is MissyMariexo, who earned some bucks for this great shot of her by the Christmas tree. A great way to wrap up the holidays if you ask us. If her New Years resolution was to win the MGF Tumblr contest…then she scored! Great way to start the new year, keep the shots rolling in!

Next runner up for this week is Jezebelldoll, who submitted the next two photos below. Seriously… we don’t think we need to go into detail about why these shots won. What is there not to like about them? They are colorful, perfectly composed and filled with her amazing personality.  Great job Jezebell, you are indeed a doll.

So, our first place winners this week both have amazing shots. Maceyjade (below) has been stepping up her game dramatically. We remember when we used to wish her white balance was better on her shots. Now, when we get her submissions, it’s very difficult to find a single thing to criticize.  As seen below, she is all like “fuck you” I’m a diva… now pay me.  Her middle finger has become sort of a trademark with her, and it’s working. We can’t help but to dig deep in our pockets for some money to throw her way.  She is unbelievably sexy, and the progression of pictures coming out of her camp is nothing short of sublime. Check out her public pictures on her profile to get a sense of what we are talking about. She is our angle queen… every shot has a unique perspective.   She’s also one of our pair of queens for week 50. Enjoy your crown Macey! 

Ok, this next shot takes the cake for week 50. Seriously, wow.  Bunnybutt puts us in the position of voyeur for this submission of her on the couch looking directly at the viewer. It’s like we got caught sneaking a peak at her amazing derriere. Judging from her expression, she looks more interested than upset, and that expression makes the whole shot.  Great scene setup, and environmental inclusion. Even the slight tilt on the horizon indicates a level of viewer involvement. This shot was either a happy accident, or very skilled execution. We would LOVE to see the rest of this set. We bet you would too. Stop over at her profile by clicking on the picture, and tell her congratulations on her crown for week 50. She deserves it! Week 51 is around the corner, and it only gets sweeter as we go. Stay tuned boys and girls… we will see you soon.

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