Week #49 was outstanding

Week #49 was outstanding considering that it was the week of Christmas. Somehow or another our beautiful divas found time to send in shot after shot. With family, gifts, traffic, guests, etc… we are pleasantly surprised that the rate of submissions hardly slowed at all. Just goes to show that you are indeed a priority, dear reader.  These girls go out of their way to give you an authentic look into their lives, and you can tell by scrolling through our archives, or by checking out our events tumblr that it doesn’t get more real than this.  Whether they live next door, down the street, or in a different city or country, they all have one thing in common: MyGirlFund.  Do you have a girlfund? If you don’t click on over to MGF and get one for free! Want to put some love in one of these hotties girlfunds? Then the same applies to you. Don’t be afraid to go check it out and get to know a few of these lovely girls.

In the meantime, check out our lineup this week. It starts per usual with our honorable mention.

Vaniity scores an honorable mention for this shot below.  We loved it, and it would have placed if the cropping were a little better. Usually it’s a no-no to crop directly at the neckline, but other than that, this shot has what it takes to get our attention. Great job!

First runner up for week forty-nine is OhClementine who scored points for her great sense of style, and for the neatly trimmed trim. She is rare, and she has an amazing profile. You should really check it out, and congratulate her on the bucks she scored this week! 

Second runner up is is a girl who goes by the name wildestfl0wer. This shot would have placed first if the ISO setting were set a little lower on her camera. This would have prevented the bit of grain that you can observe in the shadows.  Overall though, it’s a great shot and you can see that the post production edits done on this jpg were careful, and subtle.  Nothing takes away from the beautiful girl on her bed, which is what this shot is all about. Kudos! Enjoy the prize money wildestfl0wer, and keep the shots coming in!  

That leaves us with our team of first place winners.  AmberNevada1 does it again with this shot of her rocking yellow and pink.  There is a knowing look in her eyes that throws this pinupesque shot out of the past, and into the 21st century.  This digi-diva has a face that could define an entire generation.   Easy first place win, congratulations! 

We saved our best for last this week, and there is just a hint of the Christmas season in this shot. (Most of our other Christmas submissions went towards our sexy holiday contest hosted here.) Ladybex struck the right tone in this shot, with a cross between soft, sexy, and candid.  We loved it, and we know you will too! Congrats on the win Bex, we all look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Week 52 is almost upon us. If you have any suggestions for what we should do to mark the anniversary, then let us know in the comments.

See you in week 50! ❤

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