Week #46 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr had a perfect vibe

We had another great week at the Mygirlfund Tumblr Photo contest. Day after day we received shots that resonated with that perfect vibe. Real-girl-turned-diva-next-door. Why do these beautiful women join MGF? Because it provides the perfect launching point for goal-centric girls in the new socially connected generation.  The guys are lining up in unprecedented numbers just to get a chance to converse with these beautie and it’s no wonder! They come from all walks of life and have careers ranging from home maker, to lawyers, teachers, and undergrads in every category you can imagine. The range of beauty and brains is simply incomparable. You won’t find girls like this anywhere else on the web.

These girls climb giant obstacles with the greatest of ease and we are proud to showcase dozens of them every week in our ongoing tumblog. No really, you should stop by and check it out.

This week we have two honorable mentions to serve up to you because we couldn’t choose between them. Maceyjade, pictured below had this great POV selfie that really came together with her rainbow socks selected as the point of focus. We loved it!

maceyjade is POV queen

And then we had Bunnyvonjasmine who sent in this mirror selfie that was intimately gorgeous. We wish she would have rotated the shot to be true, but we think that it works well the way it is despite that. We expect great things from Bunnyvonjasmine in the future. bunnyvonjasmine has the cutest selfie of the day

So that leads us up to the ATM machine to get some cash to hand out to the following divas:

Slut4Satan is first runner up for week #46, and she wins some money for this instagram shot of her pastel hair, and perfectly applied makeup.  It looks like she is telling the viewer a secret. Stop by her profile and ask her what it is! Slut4Satan plans your demise

Next in our team of runner-ups is Hustlebunny, who made us all jealous with this December shot of her on a Peurtorican beach somewhere.  Actually we don’t know where the hell she is, but we wish we were there! Enjoy your money Hustlebunny, and don’t spend it all on Pina-Coladas! HustleBunny is so spoiled, she doesn’t have to suffer even one day of cold weather

That brings us to our two sided crown for week #46. Both are newbies to our contest, and both have shown up and established their badassery with certainty and focus.  Check out ImyourZelda, who sent in the following two shots. Her profile says you wont find sob stories on her page, just a real girl combined with a content list to make any porn star jealous. Congrats on the win Zelda, buy yourself a few new Xbox games! ImYourZelda grabs ahold of the window light, and creates this beautiful shotImYourZelda is as brave as could be exposed on the bench like that.

Last but certainly not least is Tableauvivant who showed up out of nowhere and rocked our world with a pair of Black and Whites.  Check out the one below, and you will understand what we mean.  We don’t know if this was shot on film or if this is a filmic effect put over the top, and that’s what we like most about it! Easy first place for the shot below, and the one at the bottom is just icing on the cake. We love her style and can’t wait to see more!tableauvivant nails it with this stunning black and whitetableauvivant submitted this seductive lace top black and white.Stay tuned for more girls next door. Week 47 is already shaping up to be a stunner!

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