MyGirlFund Reblog Contest Results

Our semi-annual reblog contest was amazing! We had many thousands of reblogs across thirty one gorgeous contestants. We are happy to announce our 10 winners, some of whom were also bonus babies.

The science and art of the reblog couldn’t be more simple. Reblogs are a way of measuring your reach and  effectiveness on Tumblr. Each and every reblog you gain for your homespun media is a jewel in your social media crown. Viral reblogging is favorite game of our microblogging beauties and we couldn’t be more stoked to host a contest that allows our girls to flex their very powerful social media muscles. The contest results show just how powerful those social muscles are. MyGirlFund girls have a tight grip on their slice of interwebs and know how to mix up a mean viral whirlwind. The guys really stepped it up and outperformed themselves with the reblogs as well. This contest lets guys demonstrate their love for their favorite hotties on MyGirlFund.

So the rules were simple.

  • The top 10 girls get 50 bucks a piece so long as they get 50 Reblogs each (and they blew by that!)
  • The number 1 reblog queen receives an extra 50 dollars.
  • Any contestant with over 350 reblogs receives a $50 bonus.
  • The first contestant to 1000 reblogs scores another $50
  • The first girl to 2500 reblogs gets yet another  50! (No takers on this one. Maybe next time)
  • To calculate the reblogs, we waited until the deadline and then opened the post and clicked through to the end of the notes. Then we used the Search Page function — ctrl+f (option+f on a mac) — and typed in “reblogged” to see the total number of occurrences. When the numbers were close, we went back and subtracted any self reblogs for the girls final tally.
  • Deadline was midnight Saturday, November 30th.

So, the queen of our Tumblr reblog contest this time around was Rydenanne, who knocked it out of the park with well over 1200 reblogs. She earned $200 for the amazing push! All hail the queen. Can anyone usurp her throne next time?

There’s a reason why MyGirlFund’s RydenAnne is in the Tumblr hall of fame.  Help her legend grow by reblogging this pic! 

Next up is Talie who came in with a whopping 747 reblogs! It’s small wonder with sexy shots like this. Talie just happens to have one of the most dedicated fanbases anywhere.  It’s no surprise that she did so well. She scored the bonus. MyGirlFund Legend Talie was a very cute Robin this Halloween. We think a nip-slip is a more effective call to action than a Bat Signal. Show us you agree. Come to her aid by reblogging and help her win our contest!

Another bonus goes out to ViciousVixen who scored 719 reblogs with this stunning shot of her in the pool.  Her fans really stepped it up for her. I hope she thanks them accordingly! 😉 MyGirlFund legend Vicious Vixen lets her nip slip in the pool. Want to see her swim some victory laps? Reblog! 

Next up is kaylie who went and earned herself a bonus by putting the reblog bug into her fans minds. She totaled up 679 reblogs, and scored herself a place in the winning lineup. Great job Kaylie!Kaylie shows off her rad yellow thigh socks and yoga booty. Help her win by reblogging. 

Next up is Marvelgirl who got an even 500 reblogs for this crazy cute shot of her flashing on the nature trail. Instant bonus goes out to her. Congratulations! MarvelGirl flashes us from the great outdoors. Show your love for her by reblogging!

That brings us to JamieSweet who rocked our socks with this shot of her dressed up like Laura Croft. Her fans brought it together to reblog this shot a total of 324 times. She was top ten. Great job Jamie!

Bet you didn’t even notice the gun. Help our JamieSweet win by reblogging that ass! 

You only have to glance at this picture for a split second to know that this is money.  We said that kalyfornia would be money in this contest and we were right! This spectacular ass clad in these meme worthy pants scored a cool a top ten finish thanks to 318 reblogs from her fans.  Nice push Kalyfornia, and congratulations! We fully expect Kalyfornia to be money in this contest. Help her make it rain by reblogging! 

Reinahoney sweet talked her fans into reblogging this adorable shot a total of 280 times. That makes her 50 dollars richer! Great job, and congratulations. Here’s MyGirlFund’s Reinahoney playing in her colorful bedroom. Make her happy by reblogging. She’s got a contest to win! 

Dirtyfoxes put it down for 216 total reblogs. That scores her some dough. Make sure you drop her a line and congratulate her!New girl DirtyFoxes has been blowing up our weekly contest with beautiful selfies like this. Show your appreciation for her sweet candor by reblogging! 

And Daydream produced 209 reblogs from her efforts, and scores the last spot in our 10 girl lineup. Congratulations on the top ten finish!

If Daydream is on your kitchen counter, you’re not thinking about that cup of espresso anymore. If you appreciate this beautiful distraction, reblog and help her win our contest. 

And we had to include this shot from Thelmak as an honorable mention. It was so close between the last three contestants that we went back and counted again (twice) to make sure our numbers were solid. She fell out of the running at the last minute by 2 measly reblogs just before the deadline. So very close!  This contest was so intense it had us biting our nails all through the last 6 hours of the day. We can’t believe how much fun this all was.  Stay tuned on our events Tumblr for more great contests that you can participate in.  MyGirlFund’s ThelmaK looks stellar in latex. Help this kinky pretty young thing win our contest by reblogging.  

That wraps it up ladies and gents.  Thanks for participating, and congratulations to all the winners! ❤

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