MyGirlFund girls gave us plenty to be thankful for in week #45

Week #45 of the Mygirlfund Tumblr photo contest went off extremely well considering it was hard up against Thanksgiving week .  We received a lot of submissions!  We hope everyone had an amazing holiday filled with family and friends.

Our girls went out of their way last week to make sure you didn’t get too lonely over the holidays, dear reader.  They carefully composed shot after shot to send in for you to admire and relate to.  It’s never easy figuring out who rises to the top of the list every week, but somehow we manage to keep making the tough decisions.  More and more girls next door are flocking to this contest every week for a chance to show off to our amazing audience as well as for their existing fans and friends.  Every one of your reblogs count, and you can see this for yourself at our latest reblog contest here.

So make the clickety click sound for your favorite hotties over at our weekly contest tumblr here. In the meantime, check out our honorable mention for week #45; Marvelgirl.  This girl has the one of the most direct personalities on Mygirlfund. She has an amazing reach, and many, many fans on Tumblr. This shot caught our attention right away, so we felt like we had to include it in the lineup this week. She’s a fan of comic books, and you can really tell that in her overall style and presentation. She is the quintessential bbw geek girl, and we’re sure you all will get along famously.

MarvelGirl shows off her geek frames

Our first runner up for week #45 is DollyVixen who hands down has one of the cutest profiles on Mygirlfund. Her alt lolita goth style will knock you out of your chair. She’s adorable, edgy, and the sexiest thing since the hitachi magic wand. Congrats on the win for this fun shot Dolly!Dollyvixen does her miley cyrus impression

Next up is a favorite around here, Kiraduh, who pulls off schoolgirl all too convincingly!  She rocks a lengthy content list on her profile, and it may just be worth your while to shoot her a message and see what she has up her sleeve today.  Congrats on the win Kira! kiraduhh could not possibly make a sexier schoolgirl

That leaves our team of first place winners for week #45, starting off with ConnerJay, who could be the the most adorable girl on the face of the earth. Well.. at least for week #45 she is. She seriously has a way with the camera and delights her fans on the regular with shots like this one below. Great effort ConnerJay, kudos on the first place money! ConnerJay is incredible

Next representing the second half of our first place team is EnemyWBenifits, who seriously handles that Canon like she knows what she is doing. We could wax poetic about the great dynamic range in these black and whites, or about the raw sex appeal that they contain, but those things are obviously included in the thousand words that these pictures represent. Instead we will reach into our jeans, and pay out some cold hard cash for the effort.  Great job, and keep these masterpieces coming! enemywbenefits snaps a gorgeous’s enemywbenefits sucks on her thumb, dangles her ponytail and lures you in for a surprise. 

Week #46 will bring more great beauties, so keep your eyes peeled on our Tumblr all week to vote for your favorite girls.

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