MyGirlFund’s week #44 tumblr contest was so hard to call

Woah! Week 44 was so hard to call, it took a day or two of deliberation. It’s never easy picking only six or seven shots to present in this weekly newsletter for the MyGirlFund Tumblr Photo Contest, but we finally did it. We think that you will agree it was worth the wait.

We are rapidly approaching week #52. So far we have 44 weeks of 100% pure undiluted real girl next door for you to sample. That math equals out to many hundreds of shots from dozens of beauties all vying for the top spot in our humble little contest. What started out as a small community of contestants has quickly grown to dizzying proportions. It’s hard to believe how many different divas have collected on our Tumblr page.

Even though these beauties are each completely unique, they all have one thing in common: They love their adoring fans and friends. The tremendous effort that goes into their weekly offerings is all thanks to your amazing reblogs, comments, and shares. There is nothing more gratifying for a girl with goals than viral recognition. Keep up your end of this titillating transaction, and we will keep up ours!

On that note, make sure to check out our MyGirlFund events tumblr this week. We’re running our bi-annual Reblog contest and will be handing out tons of cash to the girls who finish with the most Reblogs. We selected about 30 quality photos from girls who we know have very active tumblr and social media accounts and are giving them 12 days to garner as many reblogs as they can. The top 10 get $50 each and every girl who gets more than 350 Reblogs gets a $50 bonus. We’re also giving $50 bonuses to the first girl to reach 1,000 Reblogs and the first girl to reach 2,500. In the past, many girls have gotten thousands, so it should be an exciting race. It’s always fun to watch the girls flex their social media muscles and fan the sharing flames.

In the meantime feast your eyes on our first honorable mention this week, EdibleAnnabelle. The most inspired architect in the world could not possibly have dreamed up a shape as appealing as hers. She is a 19 year old business law student who chills on MGF regularly. She is also near the top of our shooting star list of new contestants. We are keeping a keen eye out for more stuff for her in the future.

EdibleAnnabelle is a series of gravity defying curves

Next honorable mention is PaigePaine, who has some of the most unusually beautiful ink we have seen yet. We love her look, it’s alt, but at the same time inviting. We don’t know why she is wearing so many clothes in that tub, but it looks like she wouldn’t mind a hand getting those wet panties off. Click her photo and go check out her page! PaigePaine teases in the tub

One more honorable mention this week, a girl who has been tearing it up regularly in our contest. KittySaya, formerly known as h4lfp1nt, shows off her beautiful soles, and scrumptious derriere. She may be tiny, but the reaction that her shots get are tremendous. Note where the leading lines in this photo draw your eye. This shot would have placed if it were cropped with just a bit more headroom. Either way, it stands out enough to include it here in our line up. h4lfp1nt shows off her cute soles

Now for the part everyone waits for all week; the money shots.  Leading off with our team of runner ups for week 44 is Iamallyours, a girl who definitely has the skills to pay the bills.  We hear that her fan signs are world class awesome. It’s no wonder, considering she went the extra mile to get a DSLR for crystal clear HD shots like the one below. Congrats! iamally0urs shows off her DSLR

Next on our team of runner ups is dirtyfoxes, who seriously knows how to do the damn thing. Every shot that she sends in is a stunner, and this one below is no exception.  If we weren’t spending all our money on this contest, we would go and score some of her content. Judging from shots like this, it has to be amazing. She has raw sex appeal like not many others can pull off. Enjoy the money dirtyfoxes! dirtyfoxes is secretly hoping someone drives by in this shot

So, you want perfection? Here it is. We don’t know how Bunnyvonjasmine does it, but she does. She is living breathing symmetry and here is the shot to prove it. Great effort, brilliant result, easy first place. bunnyvonjasmine is living symmetry. 

That leaves Artemisia, who is without a doubt a selfie artist. It always seems like even her most casual submissions are very carefully thought out. Even with the painstaking planning that goes into her compositions, she somehow manages to convey that certain genuine vibe that sets MyGirlFund girls apart from the rest.  Note how even though the bottom of the shot is shadowed, you can still pick out her black stockings all the way down. This flattened image actually has really good dynamic range. Subtle, effective, and sexy as hell.  Congratulations Artemisia! Keep up the great work.Artemisia snaps a helluva selife

Speaking of great work, the fans, friends, and followers of our tumblr page have really been stepping it up! Remember, this newsletter is for you dear reader, to let you know that your tireless reblogs do not go unnoticed.

See you in week #45!

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