MyGirlFund’s week #42 winners have it all

The answer to life and everything else? 42. Yes, it’s week #42 of the Mygirlfund weekly Tumblr contest. This week we picked winners who have it all. Personality, looks, style, ambition, and moxie.  The following 6 girls have hitchhiked their way across the digital galaxy to be displayed and presented this week for your viewing pleasure, and in reward for your ever present reblog reflex. That’s what we call paying it forward.

The best way to support your favorite MGF girls on tumblr is to reblog! You’ll have the chance this month to help your favorite girls win serious dough by reblogging their photos during our Reblog Contest which will be hosted on our MGF events tumblr.  MyGirlFund girls, make sure you get some fresh submissions in to the regular photo contest tumblr over the next week or two so that you can be eligible for the Reblog Contest (we pick 25 or so submissions that we think have the best shot at hundreds if not thousands of reblogs).

If you find yourself with more love to show after a Reblog, you could always click one of these photos and show some more intensive love.  Or you could just send a free message saying hi, to see what sort of response you get. It’s a game that never gets old, and you are invited to play.

In the meantime, check out this gorgeous selfie that DangerousDahlia sent in. Not many girls can pull off blue hair like this. We wish the white balance was a little better, but it’s still on point enough that we score it with an honorable mention. Good stuff!

DangerousDahlia is colorfully beautiful in this portrait.

Next honorable mention is RebeccaRed, a Scottish lass who has an ethereal style about her that we can’t get enough of. Somehow she takes an average mirror selfie and elevates it to that next level. Great job!RebeccaRed looks amazing in her one piece

Which brings us to the part of the night where we are tripping over our wallets in appreciation for the eye popping media that we are graced with here at our humble little photo contest. 😉

First money winner, and first runner up is LittlemissMilfy. Have you seen this girls media? Wow. We have a feeling she will be bringing the heat all through the winter with shots like this. To see more click her picture, and check out her public photo gallery. LittleMissMilfy getting sexy outside.

Next runner up is Kiera who sent in this jaw-dropper last week. That smile! That ass!  We don’t know what to look at first. She places this week easily with this fun and outrageously sexy shot.  Congrats Kiera, keep bringing shots like this, and work on the HD thing!  We would love to see you place 1st. Keirra taking cell phone selfies in the nude, what a treat.

Next up is our first winner for week #42. Ragdoll seriously struck the right mood with this candle lit shot of her on the hardwood floor. Every try to take shots in candle light without your photos turning all orange? Yeah, it’s obvious this girl has skills that pay the bills. Everything from the matching lingerie, to the key pendant was carefully thought out. Plus… could this be a selfie? That would make this shot even more epic. Great job Ragdoll, and keep up the great work! Ragdoll

Ok, last but certainly not least is screaminggirl who sent us this pair of intimately candid, and at the same time,  artful shots.  Yeah, we love the hot factor, but we appreciate art when we see it as well, and this is definitely that. #Hot art. Goodbye fall, hello winter, and hello Screaminggirl. Way to make a statement. Easy first place, keep up the great submissions, and congratulations! ScreamingGirl poses against a pastel backdropScreamingGirl contemplates the fall

It’s like a box of chocolates around here. Sexy, sexy chocolates. Stick around to see what you get next week.

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