MyGirlFund girls thrilled on Halloween

So the deed is done. Little old ladies, and grumpy old men everywhere are cleaning the egg of their houses today. Pumpkins are disposed of, canned cobwebs come off the bushes, and 9 MGF girls are each counting 50 extra bones in their cash-out accounts thanks to sending in some stellar videos and photos featuring their naughty Halloween costumes.  We received 45 entries for our annual Halloween photo and video contest. Narrowing them down to only 1 win per every 5 entries was a harrowing experience.  We did it though, and the results are listed below. 

Seriously the most fun to be had on Halloween night isn’t reserved for kids. Adults do Halloween better and MGF proves that like a monster boss. If you were one of the lucky guys in the know, you racked up some digital candy by messaging “Trick or Treat” to your favorite girls. Who ended up with the biggest stash of candy? The girls below will never tell! What they will tell you is that it’s a tradition around MyGirlFund to make Halloween something to remember all year long. So grab one of the remaining pumpkin beers in the fridge, and review the winners for our 2nd annual Halloween photo contest with us. 😉

#1. AmeliaLily took home 50 bucks for this shadowy vampire shot she sent in. It’s like little red riding hood went goth. We love it. Her profile says that she wishes she was the moon. Nothing we can do about that, but we can console her lost spirit with a little cash. Congrats!

What would you do if this sexy vampire lurched at you out of the shadows?  MyGirlFund’s AmeliaLilly

#2. Our red hot devil this year was Kerfuffle who does the classic costume with no props necessary. The horns are enough! It goes to show that a little bit of costume can go a long way. Nice minimalist submission, congrats on the win!There’s a devil inside Kerfuffle and she’s coming out to play this week on

#3. PrincessBritney went big with this carefully applied half face sugar skull. Beautifully HD, and expertly sexy. Congrats on the badassery, and enjoy your 50 bucks. Mygirlfund’s Pr1ncessBritney is a living sugar skull. Incredible makeup, incredible photo!  

#4. TuesdayVonD went for full on She devil, and succeeded! The zippered red patent leather, and the pitchfork prop really pulled this look together. Great job! Tuesday’s profile says that there is no such thing as good girls gone bad, only bad girls found out. We would say that this costume choice is perfectly aligned with that theory.TuesdayvonD is one sexy devil

#5 MaceyJade absolutely killed it with this hot cop outfit. You have to go see the video of her absolutely owning this costume. In fact, it’s the video that she won the fifty bucks for. Below is a screenshot of the vid, and it would be a crime not to go check it out. MaceyJade is a stop and frisk kind of cop, and you’re just hoping she pulls you over.  

#6. Talie makes an absolutely perfect Robin does she not? Legendary just barely begins to describe this gorgeous superhero. Congrats on the easy win Talie Bean!Talie is a very cute Robin. Willing to bet that the Dark Knight(s) will respond quicker to a nip slip than a Bat-Signal.  Connect with her over on MyGirlFund! 

#7. Paige Parker does the classic wicked witch absolutely flawlessly. We can only imagine what skullduggery she must be up to behind her black veil. She conjured up this shot and made herself an easy 50 bucks. Great job! PaigeParker will be casting spells over on mygirlfund during our Sexy Halloween event. Prepare to be bewitched!  

#8. We don’t know where Faeleigh scored this furry costume, but we think it’s adorable! We bet she turned heads all night in this get-up. Congrats on the win, enjoy the cash!Faeleigh is a soft, lustrous and furry raccoon 

#9. Lauraleigh is not playing around with her bloody knife and Chucky outfit. We think if chucky looked as good as this, the movie would have done a lot better than it did. We would take this version over the original any day! Congrats on the win Laura, enjoy the dough!Being an evil but sexy Chucky is Child’s Play for MyGirlFund’s Lauraleigh

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