Week #41 of MyGirlFund’s tumblr contest was full of treats

So if you get this awesome newsletter every week we are betting that you have a favorite girl (or two) whose media you are keeping up with. Don’t miss your opportunity to score some digital candy with a trick or treat message in their inbox! It’s simple, click the picture of any one of these beautiful women on MyGirlFund’s Tumblr and send them a Halloween message! If they have a Halloween banner up on their profile they are open for trick or treating!

Just another reason that Halloween is more fun for adults, especially on MyGirlfund.

So week 41 was slow. But with it being the week of Halloween we understand why. Lots of our girls went and contributed their Halloween costume photos to our events Tumblr. While you are figuring out the winners for this weeks photo contest, make sure that you click that link above and check out our Halloween contest! That’s right it’s downright festive in the halls of MGF. This fall is guaranteed to be absolutely epic.

So without further hype we bring you the winners and honorable mentions for week #41.

First Honorable mention is Alienshe. Great name, and cute shot! We included it in the line up for the sexy composition. If it was a bit sharper it would have placed for sure. Keep up the good work Alienshe!alienshe is sexy on her bed

Next honorable mention is PandoraDollface. Something about bright red lipstick and black hair… mmm. We have always had a soft spot for girls on their beds. This dollface illustrates why beautifully. PandoraDollface posing pretty in her collar and birthday suit. 

That brings us to our first runner up for week 41. Ashleyaskew sent us this Grr face, and we loved it right away! Style, attitude galore, and a confident sense of composition make this a money shot. grrrr

Our other runner up for week 41 was MaceyJade. We look forward to seeing what she comes up with every week. She delivers like Fed ex when it comes to hot selfies. This girl must have thousands of them! This clever shot below wins some cash. Congrats MaceyJade, and keep up the good work. maceyjade shows off her warm and fuzzy thigh high leg-warmers

That brings us to our two winners for the week.
Puddlewonderful is known to bring the heat around here, and it wasn’t too long ago that she was brand new to our contest. With at least a few wins under her belt we would say she is on a role! This shot below took first place. It’s clear, composed, and exposed perfectly. Not bad for a cam shot. Congrats PuddleWonderful. Way to take a little, and make a lot!PuddleWonderful just keeps getting prettier

That leaves us with DDBrowneyes, or final first place winner this week. This soft shot of her on the bed really captures something intimate. Eye contact is huge! It feels like she is looking right at you doesn’t it? Maybe you should click the picture and say Trick or Treat! We bet you won’t be disappointed. Congrats DDbrowneyes! Ddbrowneyes looking luscious in this topless selfie.We are expecting greatness for week #42. Bring the heat ladies! Fellas, keep reblogging your favorites all week!

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