The girls got up close and personal on MyGirlFund’s week #40 tumblr

Week #40 at the MGF Tumblr photo contest was all about girls in their personal spaces. We have girls in bed, girls posing in the mirror, girls in their bedrooms showing off their smartphones, and girls in the tub letting us peek into their personal routines.  We couldn’t be happier to be included in the lives of so many adorable souls.

Our girls are the best!  More and more it is turning out that MyGirlFund is coming up in the world as an anonymous Facebook style black-book for your adult social networking. It’s a community curated list of ambitious, fun, and flirtatious hotties who are there specifically to talk to you. The mythical island of Atlantis with a digital makeover? Perhaps. It’s like nowhere else on the net. You can find out for yourself why anonymous connections with real life girls can provide the most intensely personal experiences. 

Speaking of keeping it real, we can’t deny how meafox has curves that are dangerous to our blood pressure. She is our first honorable mention in week #40. She is a recent regular in our contest and should be taken as a serious contender for prize money every week. This girls has skills. Keep your eyes peeled for more her in week 41.

MeaFox is stunning as always

And the goodness that sexystephXs brings is undeniable.  Steph is our next honorable mention this week. If the lighting would have been a little better this would have been a win for sure.  As it stands it’s still gorgeously shot however. We are looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with. SexyStephXS is soapy and sudsy in the tub

Which brings us to our first runner up for week #40. Kerfuffle scored some cash with this clever selfie of a selfie. If we we were to wax avante guard about it we could possibly call this style “abstract-self-referential.” We wont get all waxy though. We will just stick to clever and hot! Hot enough to win some cash. Congrats Kerfuffle. Kerfuffle taking topless selfies of selfies.

That moves us along to a not so secret weakness we have for diptychs and triptychs oh my! The diptych below sent in by Ashleyaskew gives us both a clear sense of connection on the left, and the privacy and eye space to shamelessly ogle her in the gorgeous crop on the right.  All put together it says more than a few sentences could, so we will just give her the money instead. We bet she will be just fine with that. Congrats on the runner-up win Ashley! ashleyaskew is gorgeous in her purple corset

Which brings us to the two Queens of week #40. The big enchiladas.

First place winner goes to Brunella who looks you right in the eye for this submission below. We like the pastel sense of color space. The soft lighting went a long way towards making this extremely sexy selfie an instant classic.  Easy win! Congrats Brunella. Brunella is amazingly beautiful

Ok, last but not least is PollyPrince who sent in two shots for week 40 that we couldn’t decide between. So we included them both! Easily the best shots of the week, both sharp and judiciously exposed. Both personal and compelling. Both are also jaw-dropping-beautiful.  We still can’t decide which one is best, but the decision to give her first place was easy. Congrats Polly, enjoy your prize money!PollyPrince is beautifully direct in this selfiePollyPrince grins for the camera in this sexy shotStay tuned for next weeks line up. Vote for your favorite submissions all week by reblogging!  ❤

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