Six beautiful shots from MyGirlFund’s week #39 tumblr

It is week #39 of the MyGirlFund Tumblr Photo Contest, and we have six beautiful shots to present this week. 4 of them win cash, the other two are honorable mentions.  Same format as every week, and we have to say that it’s working out beautifully.  The fall weather is officially upon most of us and the submissions we have received all week tell us that our beauties have come back in from the great outdoors to make us content.

That reminds us to let you gorgeous ladies in on a little secret. Now that you are indoors, and don’t have that great big softbox in the sky, you will have to rely on indoor lighting to paint your shots with. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, rather more of a skill thing. You will notice that the winners of our humble little contest usually have a good grasp on how to light their photos.  Their shots are clear, sharp, and most of the time they are lit expertly.

A few photo geek pointers on how to keep your light right for the coming winter darkness.

  • Color temperature. Make sure that the bulbs you use to light your shots are the same color temperature. Even if you don’t use professional lights, you will notice a huge improvement in your white balance if you make sure that the lighting is consistent. Use the same kind of lightbulbs for ALL the lights that are on at the time of your shot. Just this simple trick can turn an average photo into a pro effort.  Ideally to avoid a yellow or blue cast to your photos, you can make sure that your lights are colored in the 5500k range.  You can look on the light bulb packaging to determine what your “k” value is.  Higher than 6000k, and your photos look too yellow, lower than 5000k and your photos start looking too blue.
  • CRI is another number to look for. The higher the CRI (100 is the highest) the more colors you can actually see under the light. This is a big deal for realistic looking skin tone.  Just read your packaging to figure out what those two numbers are, and you’ll be golden!

So our first very honorable mention is Lilmisstrouble, and you can tell by the shot below that she is no stranger to getting her light right. The xenon flash she used for this shot froze all motion, and allowed this shot to come out as sharp as it did. Great job!

LilMissTrouble's sharpest shot yet! Great job

Next honorable mention is Pr1ncessBrittney who sent in this gorgeous shot of her lying out in front of a pink room divider.  This shot would have been a 1st placer winner if the watermark was more subtle. It is still a great shot so we had to include it in our honorable mentions this week.  Great job!Pr1ncessBritney is lean mean and clean in this gorgeous shot

Next is our runner ups, and ditamorgan is first in line to get some prize money.  We love how we can see how sharp the lines are on her ink, and the body that they are applied to doesn’t hurt things a bit! Great shot dita, enjoy your money. ditamorgan is an inked goddess on her bed

Next runner up is McPSKitten who has us wondering how that fuzzy fox tail is attached. Extremely sexy, and playful! Great job, enjoy your cash kitten. 🙂   McpsKitten indulges your furry fetish

That leaves us with our two first place winners.

We think you will agree that this triptych below sent in by vampireElle is definitely 1st place material. Soft, subtle, and beautifully cropped to be intimate and mysterious. It worked! Elle figured out our soft spot for triptychs. Congrats on the first place win!VampireElle figured out our soft spot for triptychs

That leaves CuteJ who sent us this sexy shot of her on the couch. A great style and pose by a brand new contestant in our contest wins first place. Congratulations, and keep the hot shots coming J! Cutej reminds us of Rihanna in this hot shot of her on the couchNext week is the big #40. We can’t wait to see who makes the cut. Great job ladies, your friends and fans agree that this is the hottest photo contest on the web.

3 thoughts on “Six beautiful shots from MyGirlFund’s week #39 tumblr

  1. Another week and another gem of photo collection. The ladies are once again all beautiful, but I must say ditamorgan is really special. To be honest I’d date any of these girls right now LMAO~ but I still have a favorite and ditamorgan is clearly it. vampireElle’s got a great body too, but without the face, I can’t really say that she’s the best. I’ll be coming back a few times to check on these girls again and I’ll look forward to the next issue.

  2. My favorite website continues to pump out great new photos every week and they never disappoint either. The black mama’s sexy and I’d bang her right now if I could. BUT! McPSKitten is crazy hot and cute. A combination that’s rarely seen because it’s so hard to mesh cute and hot. I’d give her number one, but my black mama definitely deserves a nod as well.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the girl next door type of girls than the ones you see on fashion magazines and such. I think that’s the reason why I enjoy my girl fund girls so much. I’m not saying they’re not beautiful, but these are the type girls that you may see on a daily basis and they are so much more real than the leggy models. I spend a lot of money on these girls everyday, but they’re worth every penny. I just enjoy them too much to ever stop.

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