Girls with goals powered MyGirlFund’s week #38 tumblr

Wow, week #38 of the MyGirlFund Tumblr photo contest went by quick! If you go over to our Tumblr archive and glance at all these beauties stacked up on top of each other, the view is overwhelming! Seriously looking at this contest as a whole will make you an instant believer in the power of girls with goals! Each one of our stunning contestants are so driven towards a specific goal that they are taking measurable action. And their work speaks for itself. The quality of our entries keeps getting better every single week. From our humble beginnings 38 weeks ago till our current post marks a huge surge in skill and creativity. They are Divas, they are bewitching, and they will eat the stripe right off of your credit card!  It’s your new favorite way to help out your friends with digital benefits.  It’s social networking with the MGF twist.

It’s easy to get involved with an MGF girl if you want to click on over to your favorite contestants profile. For being so gorgeous it’s amazing that they will take a few minutes out of their day to talk to you.

Take Kandii for instance, our first honorable mention for week #38. Her profile says she is sweet and cuddly. A real sweetheart when she isn’t busy being a dominant bitch. Sounds like she has something up her sleeve for everybody! Check her out in this shot below posing against the skyline. We thought the ink was smashing, and couldn’t resist including her in this weeks lineup.

Kandii looks great against a skyline

Next honorable mention is Tawny. We thought this selfie was simply gorgeous. Lot’s of latent potential in her sense of style and photogenic charisma.  We love it when we can get a view into the natural habitat of an MGF girl. It brings that sense of reality to the table that is so addicting.  Tawny is a lightly modified netflix addict, and she is studying art and graphic design. We can tell from the natural sense of composition she is really going places!Tawny is amazing in pink

Ok, so the moment everyone is waiting for. Our first runner up for week #38 is naughtyschoolgirl69! Boom, this shot knocked it out of the park. Notice how you can see the lace detail on her white babydoll even though the background is also white? That’s skill. Even the background is not fully blown out. A subtle use of light to make this high key shot work well.  Her profile says she likes to wear lace, spandex, and latex. I bet she has some awesome photos hiding out on her profile. Click on over and find out! Schoolgirl69 looks stunning in her sheer babydoll

Next runner up is MeaFox who sent in this killer shot of her against pure black. Good lord, this woman has curves that defy anatomy.  Once again, the lighting is sublime. Not an underexposed place at all on her despite the black backdrop.  Her profile says she is down to rob fort Knox on elephant back if your interested in joining her.  0.o Maybe the runner-up prize money will help her change her mind about the robbery. Although we are guessing she isn’t in it for the money. Congrats Meafox! MeaFox is startlingly beautiful on an all black backdrop

That leaves us with three shots and two winners for week #38 of the MGF photo contest.

ViciousVixen is first up and she accounts for two of these amazing shots.  We don’t get much underwater photography stuff, and the quality is so good on these that it was an easy win.  Easily her best set hands down that we have seen.  Of course, VV is an MGF Legend. Part of a group of girls who are absolutely known for blowing minds wherever they go.  She practically lives underwater. Shark hunter, snorkeler, gator wrestler. This is all part of the ViciousVixen allure. Click on one of these shots and find out for yourself! Congrats on the win VV. Viciousvixen grabs this great underwater shot like a proVicious vixen is an underwater miracle. Great shot!

Last but not least is what we think is the most stunning shot of the week. MyCherryCrush brings it home with first place for this HD submission below.  The depth of field, the fade to background and the sharpness of this shot are astounding. Great job on the photogs part, and a perfect pose from MyCherryCrush.  All we can say is that lucky, lucky pussycat is in heaven. Purrrrrrrr.  She’s got more videos and photosets on her profile for you to check out!

Congrats on the win MycherryCrush!mycherrycrush pets her pussycat meow!Week #39 is already shaping up to be great! Keep your fingers poised on the reblog button and let us know that way who your favorite contestant is. Until next time boys.

2 thoughts on “Girls with goals powered MyGirlFund’s week #38 tumblr

  1. WOW~! MycherryCrush is beautiful… I wish I could see more of her, so I’ll probably look her up on mygirlfund later. I love the girl’s body, but I tend to pay close attention to the face and when I see a beautiful girl like MycherryCrush, I just can’t help but fall for her. I want to see more of her in HD and let me tell you, the face isn’t the only thing I’m interested in seeing up close “wink-wink”

  2. So far my all time favorite contest is week #29, but this comes in at a very close second. I’m gonna have a busy weekend since I’ll be contacting a couple of the girls from here and I’m gonna have a blast getting to know them and watching them do their sexy thang. Call me crazy, but I enjoy spending time with these girls more than I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend. She’ll kill me if she ever found out about my hobby, but the thing is she never has to know.

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