A come from behind win on MyGirlFund’s week #37 tumblr

It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, week #37 of the My Girl Fund tumblr contest was amazing.  We spun the week around to look at it from behind and what do you know? Still amazing.

Could it be possible that taken as a whole, Mygirlfund girls have the best ahem.. assets on the planet? We don’t know how it happened, but the flood of beautiful shots from behind this week has us thinking of amazingly dangerous derrieres.  Consider this week’s newsletter to be a rearview offering from the Goddesses of MGF.  If you scroll down for a sneak preview you will see exactly what we mean.

Admit it, it’s the hottest lineup you have seen all week. And it’s just like that over at MGF, all day every day. You guys should click one of these beautiful shots below and send a message asking how it’s possible. All that beauty confined in a frame. Seems like an impossibility, but it’s not. It’s a fact that these girls are actual Divas. They come from all over the place, in fact they are from just about every corner of the globe, and they all have one thing in common. They love being social with adoring friends and fans.  It’s hard to believe that girls like this would actually talk to you, but they do. Click on over and find out for yourself!

So without further adieu, we bring you our only shot this week that isn’t from behind. Honorable mention goes to Andeedollface for this really great portrait below that she sent in last week. We don’t know what that is around her neck, but it looks ridiculously fashionable. She made it look great!

AndeeDollface and her oddly fashionable chain and stud leather collar.

Next honorable mention goes to TuesdayvonD for this great shot of her washing her ride.  You won’t find that at a bikini car wash, we know that for certain. This shot is divine, and so is she. She quotes Mae West on her profile saying “There is no such thing as good girls gone bad-just bad girls found out.”  Welp. Cat’s out of the bag, TuesdayVonD is officially a bad girl, and we think she deserves a spanking. TuesdayvonD braves the fall weather for this beautiful shot. well done.

Next up is our first runner up for week #37. Badnez sent in this shot of her from behind on her bed last week, and the mischievous look over her shoulder is the perfect compliment to that gorgeous derriere. My goodness, she gives literal context to the phrase “like a peach.”   Enjoy the money we are sending you for this beautiful shot. Well done. BADNEZ gives us a mischievous glance over her shoulder.

Next up is Curiousclover who submitted this great depth of field shot of her on the bed. We love the lace detail in her thigh-highs, and the DOE is completely natural. Isn’t it like you are crawling in bed right behind her? (You wish). Either way, it wins some money this week for second runner up. Congrats Clover, this shot rocked our socks. CuriousClover scores some amazing depth of field.

Next up pictured below for week 37’s first place spot is Katten, who gave up this shot below of her in the cutest maid apron ever. The stark white against her pale skin is divine, and we can’t help but want her to come help us with some tidying up around the office. (Ok, now we wish.) She is absolutely stunning, and we think it’s an easy 1st place win. Congrats Katten, nothing like showing up brand new and taking home first place.  Keep it up!Katten's maid outfit is off the chain.

Our final offering today is our other 1st place winner, Tableauvivant. Another newbie to our contest who takes first place. We love that trend, and we bet she will too.  Check out this intrepid triptych she sent in below. We loved the shoes, and the attitude that she is able to convey despite the close crop . Without a doubt this shot is an easy win, and we have our fingers crossed that we get more great shots like this from her in the future. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Congrats Tableauvivant, enjoy the cash!tableauvivant in this mind blowing triptych. We know you can’t wait to see what week #38 brings, but you will just have to. Don’t forget to reblog your favorite cuties all week long.

3 thoughts on “A come from behind win on MyGirlFund’s week #37 tumblr

  1. Tell me it isn’t just me to who read “a cum from behind”, because if I were, then I’m sicker than I had thought. Holy crap this week all the girls are FINE! In some weeks you’ll see a girl or two that fall far behind the top 3, but this week I wouldn’t even rank them. They’re all number one in my eyes and my penis confirms this. It’s up, it’s way up in the stratosphere. What I would give to spend one night with any of these girls.

  2. Katten’s ready to take it strong from behind. Now that’s the attitude of a good girl 😀 I just saw her face too over at mygirlfund and her face is really cute too. I think Katten’s going to make lots of new friends because of her photo here, because I mean… she looks so beautiful. If that photo with the maid apron on doesn’t give you boners, then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

  3. Whenever I want to find a new friend at mygirlfund, I just come to this website and browse through all the weekly contests. Most of the girls are drop dead gorgeous, but there’s always that one girl that makes everyone else look average when you look at her. I’ve found another friend on week #38, so she’s going to keep me busy for quite a while. This website is full of treasures and I’m afraid the cycle of looking for the next hottie will never end for me.

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